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Indignation of the victims after another ‘ongi etorri’ to an ETA convicted of six murders

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It was already happening at night in the Old Quarter of Pamplona. Several dozen people received between cheers and applause, and under a sky lit by flares, Ignacio Etxeberria, Mortadelo, who has just been released from the El Dueso prison, in Cantabria, after serving a 25-year sentence for the murder of five military. The reception took place barely a month after the group of prisoners EPPK announced the end of the ‘welcome’.

The ETA tribute has provoked the unanimous denunciation of the victims’ groups who already announced in their day the little confidence they had in the word of the ETA environment. “Time has proved us right”, they have written from the AVT on Twitter, recalling that they never believed the word of the prisoner collective. “Not a month have they endured without humiliating the victims,” ​​they added.

More forceful has been Consuelo Ordóñez, president of Covite, who in the same social network has labeled “Nazis, Taliban and pure scum” those who have participated in the ETA tribute. “The words of the EPPK are dead paper in the first opportunity they have had to turn them into facts,” they have pointed out from the victims’ association. “Where is everything said and promised in recent weeks?” They asked themselves from the Fernando Buesa Foundation.

Sortu has responded with a statement in which they have disassociated themselves from the act. The Abertzale formation has insisted on its “full” commitment with the will expressed by the EPPK and they describe as “sectors outside the nationalist left” the organizers of the ‘ongi etorri’.

Tribute dinner

The one in the streets of Pamplona has not been the only tribute that has aroused the indignation of the victims in recent hours. On Thursday night, an association of relatives of ETA prisoners placed in the Old Town of Bilbao what simulated to be an empty Christmas table with photographs of imprisoned ETA members. Along with the image of the supposed Christmas dinner, Sortu wrote on Twitter: «His absence cannot be filled but we are working to get them back home sooner”.

«The absence that cannot be filled it is that of the victims who are in the cemeteries because of the terrorists you are paying homage to ”, they have replied from the AVT. The PP spokesman in the Bilbao City Council, Carlos García, has been especially critical of a tribute that he has described as “infamous and indecent.” He has directly blamed the PNV and the PSE for allowing it and has demanded “their immediate withdrawal.”

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