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The King’s speech, in 20 keys: in the face of pessimism … “we must react”




The 20 ideas selected by ABC on the King’s speech, in order of appearance in the Christmas Message, are the following:

1. LA PALMA VOLCANO: “We feel very close and you know that you have our solidarity and that you count on the work and commitment of all the Administrations so that you can rebuild, as soon as possible, your lives, your economy, and thus redo your projects with enthusiasm”.

2. PANDEMIC: “We must continue to be careful, protect ourselves and act with the greatest individual and collective responsibility. We all have to do what we can not to take steps back in this health crisis that has caused so much suffering.

3. INFLATION AND YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT: “The number of people in vulnerable situations has increased, and today there is concern in many households about rising prices, the cost of energy or about the difficulties in finding a stable job, especially for young people.”

4. IN THE FACE OF PESIMISM, REACTION: “We must react: We must understand and assume the new transformations that – so rapidly – we are experiencing, take the initiative and try to stay ahead of events.”

5. CLIMATE CHANGE: “We all want a society at the forefront of the fight against climate change and fully committed to the sustainability of our planet and its environmental balance.”

On the wall: two contemporary art paintings from the National Heritage collection. Works by Sarah Grilo (right) and Albert Ràfols-Casamada – HOUSE OF SM EL REY

6. SPAIN, AT A CROSSROADS: «The challenges that lie ahead represent for Spain, as for many other nations, a real crossroads; but they are undoubtedly a historic opportunity, even a requirement to catch up, to update and modernize our country.

7. WARNING ABOUT THE FUTURE: “What we do or decide from now on is at stake whether we can continue to progress alongside the most advanced nations or lose step on our way.”

8. ALLUSION TO THE SITUATION OF HIS FATHER, WITHOUT MENTIONING IT: “The institutions must respect and comply with the laws and be an example of public and moral integrity.”

9. CONSENSUS BETWEEN POLITICAL PARTIES: “Differences of opinion should not prevent consensus that guarantees greater stability, greater well-being in homes and give families the necessary peace of mind about their future.”

10. CLAIM OF THESE FORTY YEARS OF DEMOCRACY IN SPAIN: «The profound change in Spain in these more than four decades of democracy and freedom has been extraordinary, and it has not been the result of chance. It has been based on the effort and sacrifice of many people, millions of Spaniards. And it has been due to many reasons: sense of history, great agreements, generosity, responsibility and vision of the future.

11. WHAT IS THE CONSTITUTION? “This great project of transformation is symbolized and represented by our Constitution, with which we fully integrate ourselves in modern Western democracies.”

12. DEFENSE OF THE CONSTITUTION: “The Constitution has been and is the main beam that has favored our progress, the one that has sustained our democratic coexistence in the face of serious and serious crises of different nature, which we have experienced, and therefore deserves respect, recognition and loyalty.”

13. EUROPEISM: “And our future as a country goes very hand in hand with the European Union.”

14. EUROPEAN FUNDS: “Now the Union opens up to the opportunity to invest European funds in the modernization of our country and of our companies, in an economy that is necessarily increasingly digital, greener and more inclusive. It is a unique occasion that we cannot miss. “

15. THE NATION: “Now a future is opening before us that demands ─ all of us responsibility, willingness to collaborate and understand each other; and it needs —that future— that we trust more in our own forces as a Nation. “

As usual, there were Christmas symbols: Mystery and Christmas tree

16. REMEMBER TO SANITARY AND SECURITY PERSONNEL: “Let us remember that tonight there are also many people watching over our health, our safety and tranquility, and guaranteeing public services … All of them deserve our recognition and that we keep them especially present on these dates.”

17: FAREWELL IN BASQUE, CATALAN AND GALICIAN: “Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”.

18. TWO BOOKS THAT APPEAR: «Spanish Constitutions» (1812/1978), edition of the BOE, and «National Library of Spain, 300 years making History», edition of the BNE

Two books:
Two books: “Spanish Constitutions (1812/1978)” and “National Library of Spain”

19. CHRISTMAS SYMBOLS: Mystery with the birth of the Child Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph, from the private collection. And a Christmas tree.

20. OTHER DETAILS: There was a glass table on which the objects rest, other photographs that recall different moments in the life of the Royal Family in different years (the Kings, the Princess of Asturias and the Infanta Sofía in a summer in Marivent, the King in speeches at the UN and the European Parliament) and poinsettia flowerpots on the ground.

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