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The socialist mayor who gave another councilor a box with animal entrails in Vinaroz apologizes




The socialist mayor of the City Council of Vinaroz (Castellón) José Chaler, who gave a box with animal entrails for the “invisible friend” to another councilor has asked for forgiveness. “It was a joke,” he apologized.

The unexpected gift to the councilor of We are all Vinaròs (TSV) Anna Fibla opened one crisis in the government team that these parties share together with Commitment.

In a statement, Chaler (PSPV) has now explained that it gave Fibla (TSV) a velvet cap and a box with “slightly damaged” fruit and vegetable products, as well as lamb offal products. «This second gift that I raised in the key of joke, I recognize that it was not correct and for that reason I apologize publicly ”, he emphasizes.

The affected woman asks for her dismissal

This is how he reacts to the criticism of the affected councilor, who demanded this Thursday from the mayor of Vinaròs, the socialist Guillem Alsina, that Chaler be removed from his post at the head of the Urban Planning area. He also warned that TSV intends to continue in the tripartite only if this condition is met.

For his part, the mayor questioned apologizes both to the spokesperson for Tots Som Vinaròs and to the socialist municipal group, assuring that last Wednesday he called Fibla to apologize personally and that he later sent him a text message, both “without response.”

In addition, he denies that it was something premeditated with the PSPV to “offend, damage or cause harm to them, much less in a mafia or offense key, equating it to a macho attack as has been publicly said.”

“Invisible friend”

According to Chaler’s version, the City Council celebrated the «invisible friend“On the afternoon of Tuesday 21, after the ordinary plenary session in December, without knowing the identity of the person giving the gift” until after opening or at the end of the distribution.

Some gifts «of character friendly, friendly and relaxed among those present “, he emphasizes, and assures that” in no case is there a complicity of laughter, grimaces with the rest of the government team or with the socialist group, as it is manifested. “

“On the contrary: it is evident that a awkward situation among the attendees who tried to get around in the way they could with the continuation of the delivery of the gifts, including the two remaining TSV councilors.

For all this, Chaler rejects «profoundly that of a fact of a strictly personal nature, for electoral opportunism and personal, it rises to the political level to gain revenue from a year and a half of elections and in full Christmas parties.

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