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This original Christmas tree is built with 21 RGB keyboards with synchronized lighting

What happens when you combine a few RGB-lit keyboards, some Christmas spirit, a few music tracks, and a little ingenuity? The answer is a Christmas tree as original as it is strident in the eyes of anyone who looks at it.

We know that RGB-lit keyboards offer high levels of customization. Although there are different tastes, these are usually very chosen by gamers, since they allow them to play in low-light environments and thus recognize the location of the main keys.

However, there are those who seek to take the utility of certain devices a step further. This is the case of Alex Krastev, a young American who dedicates part of his free time to create amazing lighting effects with RGB LEDs, and whose experiments you can see in your YouTube channel.

His most recent creation is a huge Christmas tree based on a score of keyboards. The set of devices is capable of displaying different images to the rhythm of the music, and of course, the upper keyboard acts as an illuminated star.

How was this Christmas tree made with keyboards?

Alex Krastev featured on Reddit how he went about shaping his creation. For her he used 21 teclados Whirlwind FX Element V2 connected to your computer via a USB Hub.

To synchronize them and “project” images on them, he used the tool SignalRGB, that not only works with Whirlwind FX keyboards, but with a wide variety of keyboard brands on the market.

“It took me a long time to put the keyboards on the wall like that,” Krastev admits to questions from other Reddit users. But the truth is that this is just one of his many projects.

About a year ago he set about creating a kind of “screen on the wall” with 20 keyboards with RGB lights, a creation that, as you can see in the following video, was successfully tested with several games.

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