Tuesday, July 5

Video: the refueling of F-35 and Eurofighter fighters over Cuenca




A refueling plane in Royal Air Force A330 MRTT flight British carried out a five-hour refueling maneuver to F-35 fighters of the US Marines and Eurofighter of the German Luftwaffe.

The exercise took place on the Cuenca province and is part of the maneuvers between NATO allies supervised by the Torrejón Combined Air Operations Center within the Tactical Leadership Program of the Atlantic Alliance.

The A330 MRTT can achieve a speed of 1,053 km / h., which allows it to accompany the F-18 and Eurofighter fighters and supply them with fuel when required. On a long-haul mission, it is capable of transferring around 60% of the 111 tons that can be stored by its five tanks, two on each of its wings and a fifth in its vertical drift.

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