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X-ray of a change of scenery with a nod to the Catalan painter Rafols Casamada




Unlike last year, where the most classical setting was chosen in the Audience Hall, yesterday in his eighth Christmas message Felipe VI had a staging where two contemporary art paintings from the National Heritage collection stood out. They were the works of the Catalan painter Albert Rafols Casamada (L ‘Aventura, on the left) and from Argentina Sarah Grilo (No title).

It was recorded in the Sala del Palacio de la Zarzuela, adjoining the aforementioned Hall of Audiences, where recording was common in recent years.

One minute less than in 2020

The 1,554-word message lasted almost twelve and a half minutes -one less than last year- and had, as is tradition, the header with the National Anthem with the exterior image of the Palace of La Zarzuela, over which the King’s script waved. .

The flags of Spain and the European Union were present in the central axis of the speech.

Christmas symbols

However, the contemporary artistic factor did not detract at all from the arrangement of the Christmas symbols with the mystery with the birth of the Child Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph, from the private collection, and a Christmas tree. On the ground there were also pots with poinsettias.

The mystery with the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph and the birth of the Child Jesus – HOUSE OF SM EL REY

The two books

Two books came together in the television frames of the message: «Spanish Constitutions» (1812/1978), BOE edition; and “National Library of Spain, 300 years making History”. Two symbols – legislative and cultural – that emanate from a Spanish Nation to which Felipe VI appealed in his speech to face the future: “Let us trust more in our own forces as a Nation.”


In the room there were also glass tables on which photographs of different moments in the life of the Royal Family are supported in different years (the Kings, the Princess of Asturias and the Infanta Sofía in a summer in Marivent or the King in interventions at the UN and in the European Parliament). To these must be added the outstanding one in the Hayedo de Montejo (Madrid) with the Princess of Asturias and the Infanta Sofía in their first act together alone for Environment Day.

Navy blue suit

As previously reported by La Zarzuela, Don Felipe wore for the occasion “a navy blue suit, a white shirt with fine stripes and a tie with dots in red, blue and white tones.”

At the ceremony held in tribute to the victims of terrorism on March 11
At the ceremony held in tribute to the victims of terrorism on March 11 – HOUSE OF SM EL REY

Eight photographs after the message

The transmission began with the National Anthem on a nocturnal image of the facade of the Palace of La Zarzuela, in which the crimson script of the King waved.

After the Christmas Message and the farewell of Don Felipe in the co-official languages, the National Anthem was interpreted again, accompanied by images of the Kings with different sectors of Spanish society.

Zarzuela wanted to highlight these eight moments to summarize 2021: with citizens in the street on the 275th anniversary of Goya in Fuendetodos (Zaragoza); with Spanish athletes before leaving for the Tokyo Olympics; in the recovery of the ceremonies of State visits; the Royal Family in the Holy Year prolonged by the pandemic, before the recovered facade of the Obradoiro in Santiago; the Infanta Sofía in her first solo institutional act, together with the Kings, in the parade of the National Holiday on October 12; the first solo act of the Princess of Asturias (visit to the Cervantes Institute); and, finally, the visit of the Kings to La Palma with an image where Don Felipe and Doña Letizia talk with a man evacuated by the volcano.

In Fuendetodos, with citizens on the 275th anniversary of Goya
In Fuendetodos, with citizens on the 275th anniversary of Goya – HOUSE OF SM EL REY

Translated message

Furthermore, once the broadcast was over, the Casa del Rey published the text of the Message in Spanish, in the different co-official languages ​​and in English on its official website.

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