Friday, July 1

A hoax is about to cause a new avalanche on the border of Castillejos with Ceuta




Christmas Eve and the morning of Christmas Day have been tense on the border between Ceuta and the Moroccan town of Castillejos. Hoaxes spread massively throught social media, according to which the border crossing was going to be opened, forced the Moroccan Security Forces not only to deploy all the service agents in that area, but to reinforce them with others who arrived from the south of the country. At the same time, in the autonomous city the Police and the Civil Guard were put on alert in case their intervention was necessary. The ghost of the very serious events of last May was very present during all those hours.

The hoax, whose origin is being investigated by the Moroccan Security Forces and in which it even involved the King, was also supported by videos that, in reality, corresponded to the events of a few months ago.

However, dozens of people, many of them young people who arrived not only from Castillejos, but also from nearby towns, fell into the trap and concentrated on the border.

The concern was maximum throughout the morning, because at this time of year the water is very cold and attempts to swim to Ceuta could have ended in tragedy. Spanish police sources highlighted the diligence with which the Moroccan forces acted, which not only prevented any attempted assault on the border, but also made three arrests of individuals related to the spread of the hoax.

Some young people who managed to jump the security lines and jump into the sea were quickly intercepted by Moroccan agents aboard motorboats. In Castillejos a dozen people were arrested who intended to reach Ceuta illegally.

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