Friday, July 1

Feijóo celebrates the “institutional exemplarity” and “confidence for the reconstruction” of the King’s speech




The president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has described Don Felipe’s Christmas speech as “exemplary”. «Closeness to the Spanish in the face of the pandemic. Committed to the Constitution and its integrating values. From institutional exemplarity and trust in the country for reconstruction», The Galician president wrote on his Twitter account. “Your Majesty, count on Galicia,” adds Feijóo.

In parallel, the secretary general of the PP of Galicia, Miguel Tellado, defined the message of the Monarch as inspiring, and highlighted its combination of optimism and confidence in the potential of Spain with the rejection of the parties that make the confrontation his way of doing politics. Likewise, he highlighted the sensitivity to the affectation of the Covid pandemic.

The popular leader regretted that the central Executive is today closer to its government partners, who want to fight the Monarchy, than to the Crown. «The Government would do well to take note of the model of coexistence claimed by Don Felipe“Tellado warns, according to the statement sent by his party. “That the Crown is more sensitive to” the rise in light “that a supposed government of progress should make the ministers of PSOE and Podemos reflect,” he says.

«Zarzuela understands society better and is closer to the street than the Palacio de La Moncloa», Tellado rivets.

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