Sunday, August 14

Tesla will deactivate video games with the car running

  • Tesla responds to the investigation announced by NHTSA and is preparing an update for its cars to eliminate the possibility of playing video games with the car in motion.

  • The US security agency confirms that, despite the elimination of the function, it will carry out the investigation, which will affect 580,000 cars.

Tesla has finally yielded to the pressure of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and disable the ‘Passenger Play‘of your vehicles if they are running. NHTSA itself has announced that, through a wireless update, the electric car firm will eliminate the option of playing video games if the vehicle is in circulation.

The news came just a day after the agency announced an investigation into this function, which can distract the driver even if other passengers are using the application. ‘Passenger Play‘was initially devised so that the driver could be distracted while charging the car at public charging points. However, since November 2020, Tesla allows its use even if the car is running.

Following a complaint from a user of Oregon, which warned of the function, as well as the option to surf the Internet with the car in motion, the NHTSA confirmed an investigation that will affect 580,000 units of the brand’s vehicles, the Model 3, the Model X, the Model S and the Model Y, produced between 2017 Y 2022. The agency detailed that “the characteristics of this function, including the frequency and use scenarios, would be evaluated.”

The investigation continues

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Although Tesla will eliminate the possibility of playing video games with the car running, the NHTSA has confirmed in a statement that the investigation will be carried out anyway. “Safety regulations prohibit manufacturers from selling vehicles with defects that present unreasonable risks to safety, including technologies that distract drivers,” the agency details, specifying that it constantly evaluates how brands identify possible distractions caused by evil. use, voluntary or involuntary, of technology and car screens and what actions they take to avoid them.

The NHTSA It has also stated in the statement that it maintains regular conversations with all manufacturers about the infotainment systems and screens that equip new cars, each time bigger and with more applications available.

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