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Today’s latest culture news Saturday, December 25



Here, the headlines of the day where, in addition, you can find out all the news and the latest news today on ABC. Everything that has happened this Saturday, December 25 in the world and in Spain:

An early Christian gold ring from 1,700 years ago is recovered from the bottom of the Mediterranean

An underwater archeology team has recovered from the bottom of the Mediterranean a Golden Ring with an early Christian representation of Jesus as shepherd alongside hundreds of silver and bronze coins. The treasure comes from centuries-old shipwrecks off the coast of Israel, near the old port of Caesarea.

Rita Moreno, Hollywood’s record woman

When Rosa Dolores Alverio left her native Puerto Rico in the direction of New York, no one could imagine that ninety years later she would be a film legend and that she is about to increase it if next February she enters, as everything seems to indicate, in the nominations. to the Oscars in Hollwood. It should be clarified that Rosa Dolores Alverio is the real name of Rita Moreno, interpreter of the role of Anita in the 1961 film ‘West Side Story’, for which she got a statuette.

The platforms will reinforce dubbing and subtitling to comply with the linguistic quotas of the audiovisual law

The platforms of the Spanish Association of Video on Demand (AEVOD), among which are Netflix, Filmin or Prime Video, have been in favor of guaranteeing the supply of content in co-official languages, as established by the audiovisual law that the Government hopes to approve in the coming weeks, through dubbing and subtitling.

From Mami Wata to Sedna, the fascinating mermaid legends from all corners of the earth

Of all the myths inherited from Ancient Greece, the mermaid is the one that has evolved the most. In ‘The Odyssey’ the beings that Ulysses faces after the Trojan War had legs and bird body. According to this great epic, the first in which they appear in writing, after failing in their endeavor, commit suicide by throwing themselves into the sea. Although it is not known for sure how it came about, there is the germ of its aquatic transformation. Enigmatic and fascinating, mermaids have been part of the mythologies of both borders since time immemorial. Rémi Giordano and Olivia Godat have immersed themselves in the traditions of Europe, Africa, Asia and America to collect the more exotic exponents in ‘Sirens of legend’, a beautiful album illustrated by Laura Pérez published by Errata Naturae.

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