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The latest news today, in the best headlines of the day that ABC makes available to all readers. All the last hours of Saturday, December 25 with an exhaustive summary that you cannot miss:

Ancelotti, the peacemaker after the tsunami

He is the perfect trainer to manage a monster like him Real Madrid. His experience, his ease of adaptation and knowledge of the house were key in Florentino Pérez’s decision, who asked him for the gradual renewal of the team and the prominence of Vinicius and Rodrygo as battering rams for the necessary injection of youth in the starting scheme. The Italian executes it with different speeds at the expense of the performance of the consecrated.

Ter Stegen loses his wings

Marc-Andre Ter Stegen it is no longer untouchable.

The Barcelona goalkeeper arrived in 2014 from Borussia Monchengladbach as a personal bet from Andoni Zubizarreta, although the technical secretariat accumulated countless reports supporting his signing. They were the 12 million euros best invested by the Catalan club. The German goal minimized the impact of the march of Victor Valdes and he was key in the achievement of the Champions League and the Cup in his first year (the League was played by Claudio Bravo). He dazzled with his footwork and fell in love with the ‘soci’ with his integration into Catalan life, traveling by public transport and allowing himself to be seen in the museums and restaurants of Barcelona.

“I want to be like Jon Rahm”

With the busy life of a world number one It is not easy to find a gap in the calendar so that Barrica can meet one of the goals that he has set for himself since he became a professional: to give back to society everything that golf had given him. And on this path he is, of course, perpetuating the legacy that before him was transmitted by Seve Ballesteros, Chema Olazábal, Miguel Ángel Jiménez or Sergio García to later generations and who now find in him their main link with those who will come in the future.

A unique menu tailored to each champion

In elite sport, pure talent is of little use; not even work, effort, discipline and dedication guarantee excellence. Competition, professionalism, technology … and even a gram more or less can mean that centimeter gained from the opponent to score a goal or reach the goal sooner. Nutrition was installed in sports a long time ago, but it has also evolved. Everything adds up to win. In IND (Institute of Sports Nutrition) They know it well, experts in finding that food, and in the exact amount and part of the day, so that the performance is optimal. Just like there are custom trainings, Javi guerrero and his team rethought how to eat and find the master formula for each athlete.

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