Saturday, October 1

A teacher shows that no one reads the teaching guide for their subject by searching for a little ‘treasure’



At the beginning of each course, university professors usually ask students to read the class rules and how to evaluate the subject in the Teaching guide. Yet only a very small percentage do, and Kenyon Wilson, an art teacher, has wanted to reward those who did.

This was one of the exercises that students had to do to approve the syllabus: «Free for the first to claim; box 147; combination 15, 25, 35 ». The combination led the lucky man to find a very special gift: 50 dollars (44 euros).

However, of his 71 students in his seminar on music, none has obtained this ‘treasure’ that he had hidden in a locker for the first to read the teaching guide.

When he reached the end of the year at the ticket office, he found that the ticket was still intact and, of course, no one had registered his name because he was the first to arrive.

My semi-annual experiment has come to an end. Today I have recovered the unclaimed treasure. What academic shenanigans should I try next? ”He wrote in a Facebook post that has gone viral.

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