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Aragonès will seek “alternatives” for secession if the dialogue table with Sánchez does not yield results in 2022




The president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Pere Aragonès, has set, this Sunday, next year, 2022, as the deadline for the negotiation table with the Government of Spain to produce results in line with the celebration of an independence referendum and one amnesty for those involved in the ‘procés’. If not, it will look for “alternatives” for the community to separate itself from the rest of Spain.

The traditional Christmas message of the Catalan regional president, this year advance from December 31 to day 26, Feast of San Esteban, has focused mainly on the fight against Covid and the economic consequences it is having in Catalonia. However, Aragonès has also made mention of the negotiation table with the Executive of Pedro Sánchez and the language immersion system in schools.

Regarding the dialogue between governments, the President of the Generalitat has predicted that 2022 “must be the year in which we begin to unblock the conflict with the State” and “in which negotiations with the State advance and start delivering tangible results ”. An answer that must pass, yes or yes, in the opinion of the ERC leader (with the permission of Oriol Junqueras) for “the exercise of the right to self-determination and amnesty” for those convicted and prosecuted for the ‘procés’.

Thus, he has indicated that “we have a solid, transversal majority, sustained over time”, which “wants to resolve the conflict and does not accept any blockade.” Therefore, he added, it will begin «to build alternatives, acting realistically, seeking the maximum consensus and learning from the path we have traveled so far, in case the negotiation runs aground and it does not bring results. In other words, Aragonès reiterates his offer of “democratic resolution of the political conflict”, but without “renouncing the independence of Catalonia.”

“Catalan, as a central element”

The institutional message of the regional president has been recorded in a school in Santa Coloma de Gramanet (Barcelona), one of the first in which language immersion was applied in the early eighties of the last century. In this way, Aragonès has wanted to stage his defense of a system that, recently, the Courts of Justice have indicated illegal in the way in which it is applied (that is, with all classes only in Catalan).

In relation to this issue, he had words of gratitude to the parents who, forty years ago, «wanted their sons and daughters to learn Catalan because they were fully aware that in this way they contributed to the social cohesion of the country and offered a future of opportunities for their children. sons and daughters ». Some parents, he said, from whom he was born “The current model of Catalan school”, which he has defined as “modern, open, close, that builds community, that brings society together.”

In the same way, Aragonès has said that “this school has Catalan as a central element”, «As a vehicular and meeting language» and that, if it made sense forty years ago, more now, he added, “in a context in which the country’s cultural and linguistic diversity has not stopped growing and being enriched by contributions from around the world.” Therefore, The Generalitat will promote “its linguistic model” in schools (“The Catalan language continues to play a vital role”), he pointed out, without specifying how but in an obvious challenge to the courts, because “without any doubt, (the school) is the nucleus of the Catalan nation.”

Beyond these two issues, Aragonès has focused his Christmas intervention on Covid, vaccines and its consequences and on the approval of the Generalitat’s budgets, a few days ago, for next year («which for the first time in twelve years will enter into force on January 1 »), and that This will improve the lives of Catalans. The President of the Generalitat, in an intervention exclusively in Catalan, has sent a message of optimism, despite the economic situation and the restrictions due to the pandemic: “Hope and confidence in ourselves and in the opportunities we have. Because we will come forward in the same way that this country has overcome very difficult moments throughout history. It ended with a: “Long live free Catalonia!”

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