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Billionaire Ricardo Salinas recommends investing in bitcoin this year-end

Key facts:
  • Ricardo Salinas recommended moving away from fiat money such as the dollar, the euro and the peso.

  • The billionaire said that fiat money is lying paper and advised investing in bitcoin.

One of the richest men in Mexico, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, published a Christmas video in which he advises buying bitcoin (BTC) to his almost one million followers on Twitter.

At videoThe businessman said he wanted to give some “little gifts this Christmas”, precisely some advice for the end of the year. One of them was related to the cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization: bitcoin.

Having said that, Ricardo Salinas Pliego told his followers: “stay away from fiat money.” “The dollar, the euro, the yen, the peso, they are all the same story,” he continued. And then he said: “It is fake money made of fake paper and central banks are producing more than ever.”

The latter to which the businessman refers is something that has attracted the attention of the world, especially in the United States, where banknote printing is on the rise since the beginning of the pandemic. As reported by CriptoNoticias, the growing issuance of dollars has led to the largest inflation that the United States has had in the last 39 years.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego says goodbye to the dollar and hello to bitcoin

Ricardo Salinas Pliego recommends investing in bitcoin and moving away from fiat currencies such as the dollar, the euro and the peso.

Inflation is a measure that reflects how the currency is losing purchasing power, as well as showing the devaluation compared to other stronger ones, as occurs in Latin American countries. This situation has encouraged the purchase of cryptocurrencies to reserve the value of savings.

Taking this into account, Ricardo Salinas Pliego ends the advice by telling his followers: “Invest in bitcoin.” This message is added to the set of actions that the businessman has been doing in relation to the cryptocurrency. In June 2021, the billionaire from Mexico had declared that bitcoin is the most modern gold, and in December he began accepting payments with BTC at his company Elektra.

Other billionaire entrepreneurs who also recommend buying bitcoin, warn that you need to do it with care. Tim Diper, for example, advises against investing all of your savings in cryptocurrency to have a diversified investment portfolio.

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