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Garamendi says that the labor reform “is not cosmetic” and believes that “the country” has won

  • “If they change a comma to the text, they may not be able to count on us to sit at the table from that moment on,” he warns

The president of the CEOE business organization, Antonio Garamendi, has stated that the labour reform “It is not cosmetic” and considers that, with the agreement to modify the legislation, “the country” has won. However, he has warned that if during the processing “the text is changed a comma”, it may not be possible to count on businessmen to sit “at the table from that moment on.”

In an interview with ‘El Correo’, Garamendi analyzes the labor reform agreed with the central government, CCOO and UGT and values ​​that “stability, legal security, good climate, relaxation and an impeccable image in front of the European institutions are achieved”.

After remembering that it has been nine years where “the term that was heard the most was repeal“, affirms that the agreement” is not cosmetic “and”nobody has won“” Well, the country has won, “he adds.

“One of the objectives that I had proposed is to get politics out of the business world. Each to his own. I feel with the Government that the Spaniards have chosen, just as my colleagues from Confebask sit with an Executive of a different political color in Euskadi My obligation is to keep CEOE away from politics partisan, “he argues.

The values

In this context, it highlights that legislation that is born from an agreement “has very important values ​​and cannot be replaced in any way”, so “it would not be advisable for a government to try to break that” in the future.

Regarding the need that the Government now has to reach majorities in Congress that allow the reform to be carried out, Garamendi indicates that “that is his job.”

“We have made ours. And there I only have to do one warning. If they change a comma to the text, they may not be able to count on us to sit at the table from that moment on. Agreements are reached to fulfill them“, he warns.

The opposition of the PP

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On the other hand, he affirms that after reaching the agreement he has spoken with many people, including Pedro Sánchez and the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, who “has already declared that he is going to oppose this reform.”

“It seems legitimate to me and it is their right to do so. Everyone has their place,” he says, adding that his personal relationship is “good”, in such a way that he does not tell Casado what to do and neither does he He calls to tell me “what to do”.

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