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Google Earth “hunts” a US Army bomber designed to circumvent the best defenses: this is how it was caught on a flight over Missouri

Nothing escapes the eye of Google Earth. The popular satellite imagery tool is on its way to becoming the most successful curiosity and treasure hunter of all time. Through its long history of discoveries, fed in recent years with prison camps, deposits, geogrphs or even a forgotten segment of the Great Wall of China, a surprising discovery is now added: a bombardment, apparently a Stealth B-2 in flight over Missouri.

In view of its previous “captures”, it would not have much relevance if it were not for the fact that the B-2, Spirit, a ship with a millionaire budget, was designed precisely to act as a stealth bomber. capable of circumventing air defenses and approach the enemy without risk.

Out for a walk in Missouri

The discovery of the brand new B-2 in the middle of the vast and arid expanse of rural North America collected by Google Earth is to the credit of the presenter of My Garden Channel, a YouTube channel dedicated to gardening and plant care, but which has now risen to fame for its ability to locate fighter jets. “It’s pretty funny, you have a stealth bomber flying over a farmer’s house, it looks like it’s a duster,” he jokes.

So that there are no doubts and any user can star in their own expedition via Google Earth, the presenter of My Garden Channel even provides the coordinates in which the bomber is located, which at the moment it was hunted by the Google satellite was maneuvering over a Missouri farm near Kansas City: 39 01 18.5N 93 35 40.5W The presenter of My Garden Channel, warns, yes, that images must correspond to May 5, 2016.

Although the discovery is curious, especially considering the special stealth of the B-2 Stealth, in reality Missouri is the point where it is least strange to find it. How does Popular Science explain, just 20 miles – a little more than 32 kilometers – south of the place where Google captured it, the Whiteman Air Force Base, home of the Spirit. As detailed by the aerospace company Northrop Grumman, prime contractor for the B-2, the bomber stands out precisely for “its unique stealth characteristics, which allow it to penetrate the most sophisticated defenses.”


The bomber flew for the first time a little over three decades ago, in the 90s, Y premiered with Operation Allied Force and a mission of more than 31 hours from Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, to Kosovo. Northrop Grumman details on its website that the aircraft is about 21 meters long and 5.2 high with a wingspan of 52.4 m. Exceeds 15,200 m altitude and as detailed by The Atlantic at least originally it cost $ 2.1 billion.

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