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The King’s speech: 7,933,000 viewers and a 64.1% audience share




The eighth Christmas message of Felipe VI registered an average audience of 7,933,000 viewers and 64.1 percent audience share, in the total of 30 channels that broadcast the speech live (in “simulcast”) and that are measured by Kantar.

However, in 2020 the audience was 10.8 million and 71% in the accumulated of the 29 channels (record audience since there are records), so this year there is a decrease of 2.8 million viewers and almost 7 screen share points.

Obviously the last year the expectation was maximum It was the first Christmas that his father, Don Juan Carlos, spent in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) and there was maximum interest in knowing the opinion of his son, Don Felipe.

The data reflect that the demographic segments where the King’s Christmas message had the greatest follow-up are among women, those over 45 years of age and the regions of Aragon, Murcia and Castilla La Mancha.

This is the audience for the chain breakdown who issued the King’s Message:

– LA 1, with 2,322,000 viewers and an 18.8% share.

– A3, with 2,229,000 viewers and an 18% share.

– T5, with 1,109,000 viewers and a 9% share.

– LA SEXTA, with 513,000 viewers and 4.1% share.

– FOUR, with 410,000 viewers and a 3.3% share.

– CANAL SUR, with 292,000 viewers and an 11.2% share.

– LA 2, with 219,000 viewers and 1.8% share.

– THIRTEEN, with 170,000 viewers and a 1.4% share.

– TVG, with 121,000 viewers and a 17.1% share.

– TELEMADRID, with 96,000 viewers and a 5.8% share.

– REST: 452,000 viewers.

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