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90% of companies will raise wages this year, according to KPMG

88.37% of Spanish companies plan to carry out salary increases in the payroll of your employees during the year 2022, according to a study prepared by the consulting firm KPMG among 44 companies from different sectors. According to this report, almost 48% of the Spanish companies surveyed believe that they will be better in the next six months. A similar figure, more than 45%, consider that they will be in a similar situation. And only 6.8% of the companies surveyed believe that it will be worse within half a year.

When determining the amount of salary increases, in 2021 71% of organizations have taken inflation into account. Another 21% of them have moved due to the shortage of professional profiles. And only 5% have increased wages due to the increase in the cost of electricity or the rise in the minimum interprofessional wage.

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“The average figure of increase has been located in the middle and median between 2% and 2.34%, which represents between 60% and 66% more increase than the percentage of last year,” said the director of General Compensation, of Directors and Executives of KPMG Abogados, Mónica San Nicolás.

According to KPMG, among the sectors that have experienced the highest salary increases in 2021 are clinical researchers or laboratory technicians, who have seen increases in their payroll of between 10% and 20%. “Also medical advisers and computer profiles related to automation, digitization and cybersecurity have achieved salary increases of around 10%”, recognized San Nicolás, who has also pointed out that “in the energy sector, for example, due to the strong demand for talent that currently exists, the increases are double the general ones in the market, reaching 4% in the most strategic groups of the company “.

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