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A local denier police officer in Alicante threatens Ximo Puig online with “giving him two hosts.”




One local police from Alicante that was discontinued of employment and salary for refusing to wear a mask has spread a video on its social networks in which threat to the president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, with “give him two hosts»For implementing the mandatory covid passport to access bars and other establishments.

In his message, the agent urges the general public to report the hoteliers that they demand the presentation of this vaccination certificate and also not to go to those places so that they are left without customers and thus desist from demanding the document.

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«When you go to a place and they ask for your card or passport, denounce the song.

When three or four complaints come to him and he cannot pay, the owner of the premises will have two options: either close or remove it, “he recommends, in addition to strongly predicting that this rule will be abolished sooner or later. And distinguishes in the current conjuncture between “normal people” and the “subnormality».

As for Ximo Puig, he asks for the address of his home to appear there and hit him, because when he is «crying»He will reconsider this measure of the vaccination certificates.

The policeman, who was suspended for a year and seven and a half months, insists on several occasions that this situation that he rejects would be solved “by the way” because politicians hold “governmental or legislative” power and enjoy “impunity‘, But it can be taken away that way.

As examples, he disqualifies Puig and other regional presidents – the Andalusian Juan Manuel Moreno and the Basque Íñigo Urkullu – whom he calls «chupoptera».

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