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Bluetti PowerOak AC200P, for examination: the questions you have sent us (and their answers) about this portable solar charging station

To take you on your nature getaways or even to take advantage of the sun and save some electricity, this PowerOak AC200P solar portable charging station has generated a lot of curiosity and many questions. So we have tested it thoroughly to solve them: here you go the all responses of Bluetti’s PowerOak AC200P in video.

Bluetti PowerOak AC200P, in video

You have left us many questions about the PowerOak AC200P and we are here to satisfy them. We start at the beginning, because we know that a rare device piques interest: What exactly? We explain it to you simply and plainly: it is a huge portable battery ideal to take to a country house, in a caravan, or even if the power goes out at home.

You have also asked us what appliances can be plugged in: good news, you can connect a lot of devices of the most varied, from refrigerators to a lamp, the laptop or simply to charge the mobile.

You have wanted to inquire into its operation, one of the most attractive and interesting points of the PowerOak AC200P, since it can be powered both by connecting to the electrical network and by plugging it into solar panels (not included).

The answer to these questions, and many others that you have sent us, you have in the video. Thanks for participating!

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