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Celsa plans to earn an extra 300 million a year with the plant that it starts up in France

Almost two years later, the new French plant of the Catalan steelmaker Celsa is ready to start operating. The installation, which incorporates the first rolling mill that the group will have in France, has finally cost an investment of 65 million euros (5 million more than initially planned), and with it the company plans to increase its turnover by 300 million each year. Today, according to calculations for this fall, the company’s business volume is around 5,000 million euros. The new French line started operating this December in the testing phase, but they expect to fully activate it in a matter of weeks.

According to a statement, Celsa France It will produce up to 550,000 tons of rolled products per year at the company’s industrial complex in Bayonne, a move that will allow it to access a new European market that consumes around 20 million tons of wire rod per year.

In fact, the rolling mill allows the company to make a finer final product, “with a more unique finish than when it is made rough,” they explain from the company. So far, customers of France, Belgium o go Netherlands They had to go looking for this type of final product in the markets where Celsa had a line of this style, such as in Spain or the United Kingdom. Thus, taking this production to the Gallic country will allow the company to open business and approach European markets.

At the labor level, the investment in this rolling mill will generate 140 new jobs directly and, according to the group’s calculations, 420 indirectly. The forecast is that this also involves Spain, since the area of ​​influence of Bayonne also includes the Basque Country.

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Furthermore, for Celsa this operation represents an “important boost to the economic dynamism of the region”, at the same time that it reinforces the position of its French subsidiary, which, they say, is the main company in the French Basque Country and represents almost half of the traffic port of Bayonne.

“The steel group will improve its access to the French market, where one in every 10 tons of steel is sold from the total European market, as well as that of Belgium and the Netherlands and even northern Spain, producing from the south of France and therefore diversifying products and markets “, they explain in the statement of this Monday. “Production from France also makes it possible to improve delivery times and customer service and to operate directly from the territory,” they add.

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