Thursday, September 29

Garamendi warns that the CEOE will leave the labor reform pact if it is changed in Congress

On the eve of the Councils of Ministers approve the labor reform in the terms agreed between unions and companies, the president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, has warned that the pact will be left if the agreement undergoes modifications in its processing in the Congress of Deputies “.” The agreement is not touched, “he defended in an interview in RNE.

“We have reached an agreement, especially with the unions, and we think that it can generate a lot of social peace, stability and normalization so that things flow “, explained Garamendi, although he added that Parliament is the one who has” the legitimacy to approve or not (the text). “But if they change it then it will not be our agreement,” he insisted.

These statements come after the PNV spokesperson (partner of the Government) in Congress, Aitor Esteban, has stated that his group will not support the agreed labor reform if it does not reflect the “priority” of the Basque agreements on the state level. Something that the employers do not applaud because “it would break the market unity and generate 17 different problems for us.”

However, the CEOE chief trusts that the Government will maintain the main lines of the agreement: “So far the Government has fulfilled the things we have agreed to.” If this does not happen, the consequence could be that the employer discards collective bargaining in other areas in the future. “If I reach a pact and it turns out that they change the pact, I honestly don’t know what I’m going to sit for next times,” added Garamendi.

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For its part, regarding the refusal of the Popular Party to support the labor reform agreed by the Government and the social agents, the president of the employer’s association has defended that “basically the labor reform of Fatima Banez the substantial part that allows companies to work from a free market economy “. “It gives us peace of mind that a substantial part of the reform that was carried out at one point, and that Europe has always liked, is preserved in this reform. And there is some other issue, such as outsourcing, that is being touched on now that it was but it was prior to that reform. There is another part, relative to temporality, that Europe had requested, which had not been discussed in that reform either, “he explained.

On when will the effects of this new pact of the labor reform, Garamendi has ensured that “they will not see each other in one day or two” because we have to adopt “the new contracting modalities“. The president of the CEOE has said that there has been a parallel increase within the construction sector in which” practically 800,000 people are going to be permanent contracts and that is going to be seen. “” It will go at a slow speed. “, summarized Garamendi.

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