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Iran to Ban Bitcoin Mining Again, This Time Due to Winter

Key facts:
  • Bitcoin mining makes it difficult to supply electricity in winter, according to authorities.

  • The government wants to reduce the fuel consumption of power plants.

Bitcoin mining in Iran is affected again in 2021. Now, the authorities have made a call to stop the operations of the farms that legally operate in that country, due to the arrival of winter.

The measure was taken, because – according to the authorities – the Mining activity has caused power outages. Likewise, the decision is to reduce the consumption of liquid fuel in power plants, according to Indian Mustafa Rajabi Mashhadi, spokesman for the electricity industry.

The official reported that temperatures will decrease in the next few days, “Which means an increase in gas consumption in the country, which can limit the supply of fuel to power plants,” he explained.

From November to March, the temperature drops in Iran, but the authorities are preparing for January, the coldest month of the year. During this period, temperatures can drop to an average minimum of 1 ° C and a maximum of 8 ° C. This forces the use of heating and, therefore, affects the electricity supply that includes bitcoin mining farms.

Temperatures in Iran can drop as low as 1 ° C in January. Source: faraz /

The new pause for Bitcoin miners, arises after, last October, the Persian authorities lift the previous veto after four months of inactivity.

On that occasion, they had to stop operations for the constant power outages, as well as the prolonged drought that the country experienced and the increase in energy demand due to the summer, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

They keep installing Bitcoin mining farms

Despite the difficulties with electricity supply that Iran has faced over the course of the year, more mining farms have been installed de Bitcoin.

Last June, CriptoNoticias reported that that country granted licenses to 30 mining farms in various provinces of the Persian nation to start operating.

However, the message that Iran sends can be interpreted as an unstable country that is not prepared for the production of bitcoin, since the transmission of electrical energy will depend on the seasons of the year.

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