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Marta del Castillo’s father: «I can’t assure you that one day I won’t break the rules of the game»

The first image of the Netflix series ‘Where’s Marta?’ sums up precisely the pain of the Del Castillo family, which is still caged in an infinite mourning because it has not yet been able to heal one of the deepest holes in the murder of Marta: the whereabouts of her remains. Without a body there is no crime, but neither is there rest for the victims. The series begins with an image of a tombstone with the name of Marta del Castillo and a phrase by the French psychiatrist Jacques Lacan, a disciple of Freud and a historical psychoanalyst: «The first symbol in which we recognize humanity is the grave». Death does not end if there is no place to bring flowers. And the family

The young woman from Seville not only ignores where her body is, she also does not know the truth about the murder and disappearance of Marta. Uncertainty is the worst agony.

In this case there are two final court decisions with different ‘legal truths’, one dictated against Miguel Carcaño at the Seville Court and another that convicts Javier García Marín, known as ‘El Cuco’, in the juvenile court. The first says that Carcaño killed Marta and disposed of the body with the help of Cuco and “an unknown third person.” The second, on the other hand, assures that the corpse was taken care of by Cuco and Francisco Javier Delgado, the murderer’s half-brother. How can that be tolerated, how can they expect me to settle?, asked Antonio del Castillo, aroused.

During all these years, Marta’s father has been a serene man, forceful in his claims, but without fuss. However, the news about the purchase of the apartment where the crime was committed to offer it to the murderer in exchange for the truth has generated so much criticism against him that he has decided to raise the tone. “I don’t care what they say, I’ll do whatever it takes to find my daughter,” he says.

“That family has not yet closed the duel. Losing a child is an anti-evolutionary process, but losing it in these circumstances is something very difficult to assimilate, “explains psychiatrist Miguel Ruiz Veguilla

Experts say that everything you are doing to find your daughter’s body is reasonable in your circumstances, but not everyone has enough empathy for pain. “It is very easy to give an opinion from an armchair,” complains the psychiatrist Miguel Ruiz Veguilla, who also knows the case closely because he is the head of research at the Mental Health Unit of the Virgen del Rocío Hospital. “That family has not yet closed the duel. Me I know a similar case in Motril, where a mother has been searching for her missing daughter for years. They are unfinished processes and when these extraordinary things happen it is very difficult to know what one would do in those circumstances because they are extreme situations and human beings are not prepared for these events.

An exception

Ruiz Veguilla analyzes the case of Marta making a very illustrative clarification: «Humans have given names to all kinds of losses. If your parents die, you are an orphan; if your partner dies, widower; but we have not named the death of a child because that is an anti-evolutionary process. If we add to this that the Del Castillo couple lost their daughter in dramatic circumstances and that they have neither the body nor the confession nor the repentance of the murderer, that is very difficult to assimilate ». For the doctor it is logical that «the father does not care exactly the price you have to pay to find your daughter’s body». And he gives a very clear example: «This is better understood with the matter of Historical Memory, it is normal that they want to bury their great-grandfather to rest. Well, a son is much worse, we are not scientifically prepared for that.

«The case is much better understood with the matter of Historical Memory. They look for their great-grandparents to bury and rest, because a son is much worse »

Antonio del Castillo nods relieved at this reasoning: «When it is an accident, a disease, something that we could classify as everyday, you take it differently, but when it is something unexpected like murder, which is my case, it breaks you forever ». The talk with Marta’s father is different from other times. It is raining hard in Seville and in the living room of his house a chair has once again been empty on Christmas Eve. Is tired and your complaint is more bland than everLike the storm that hits his window with the same force that that night of January 24, 2009, he hit the one on the floor where his daughter had just been killed. “We are not in the United States, where they shoot every day, or in an African country. Here it was necessary to have acted better and, to top it off, when they caught the bad guys everything failed, everything has gone wrong, not having my daughter’s body is an ordeal for us ». Antonio hardens his vocabulary for the first time in thirteen years. “I’ve been saving the forms for a long time.”

“Every day I wonder which country I am in, which has not been able to discover the truth”, denounces Antonio del Castillo

-It shows him hurt by the criticism.

-Put yourself in my place. There are people who do not understand this type of thing, but I ask them my questions: I have to trust what who says, the one in jail, the judge, the two different sentences there are? I have to eat that for the fuck? Well, I’m not going to eat it for the hell of it because neither the one in jail nor two different judges tell me what comes out of their balls!

The crime floor offer is just one of many steps the family has taken to get closer to the truth. “U.S They have left us all thrown away, from the first to the last. I ask myself every day in which country I am, which has not been able to discover the truth ». Dr. Veguilla understands: “Without the truth the period of resilience never ends.”

– Do you still have the strength, Antonio?

-Of course I have them. They have put a truth in writing that is what they want, I have two different sentences from different judges, why? If there are people who know the truth, one in jail and a handful freely out there, why do I have to eat it? Why are the law, the judicial system and the police not capable of giving me a reality? Well no, I’m not like that! As long as it’s within the law, I’ll do whatever it takes. And neither do I tell him that one day I won’t get out, as a person I can’t assure you that one day I won’t break the rules of the game. I’m sorry to talk to you this way, but I’m already fed up.

«I follow the rules of the game and the game is letting me down. I think any parent would do the same as me »

-What you are saying is very harsh.

-Yes, but I follow the rules of the game and the game is letting me down. What game are you talking about? Why does a so-and-so say it with gallons, do I have to eat it? Well, not me. I’m not going to agree with them either because they are wearing stripes or because they are wearing a toga. And I think any parent would do the same, they don’t have to call me either the best or the worst parent, I do the same thing anyone would do, I am a hard-working person, I have always followed all the rules of the game. I had entered a police station just to renew my ID and when I had to enter for another reason I came face to face with reality.

He is not ashamed of any criticism. He went to see the murderer in jail, he bought his flat to give it to him in exchange for the body, he goes almost every day to search areas where his daughter could be … «I am not saying that they have to understand me. Am I within the law? Yes. Will I do everything possible? Yes. And I will do many things that have not come out, with the apartment I have been discovered because Seville is a townI’ve had that hidden for many months. I do a lot of things and I make sure no one finds out and go unnoticed. I will continue to do the impossible and whoever wants to understand me should understand it and whoever doesn’t, well, nothing ».

«A situation like this is death in life», Concludes Miguel Ruiz Veguilla. Lacan’s aphorism runs over the conversation in each Antonio lament. “The first symbol in which we recognize humanity is the grave.” And above the technical explanations of the psychiatrist about the agonizing duel of the family and about the murderer’s inhuman lies, there remains a devastating sigh from a father who does not know where to cry for his daughter: “Forgive me for venting, but I’m up to the hilt.”

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