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Martín Villa: «The judge had a very clear desire to extend my process»




Former Minister Rodolfo Martín Villa denounced in a letter sent to the Argentine Court on November 2 that Judge María Servini has had «A very clear desire to lengthen» the case against him and he has done so assuming «without further ado» the «absurd version» about the existence of a genocide in the Spain of the Transition that the organizations that complained there against him and other members of the governments of Adolfo Suárez maintain.

The brief, to which ABC had access, was sent together with the appeal against the indictment issued by Servini against him for crimes against humanity.
The same one that the Court has finally knocked down due to the absolute absence of evidence
, direct

and indirect, neither that there was a genocide in the 70s nor that Martín Villa was one of its executors.

The former minister, who was one of Union Relations and later, of the Interior, wrote the letter because he wanted to put in writing everything that he would have alleged in the event of an oral hearing. Throughout six pages, he covers “the delay” in the case, which has had him “for years in a situation of presumption of guilt”, not innocence. A period in which the judge “has maintained unchanged” her “adherence” to the plaintiffs’ version of the History of Spain – even copying entire sentences in their files – “without contrasting” neither the facts nor the value judgments they made.

“There has been no judicial investigation. No tests have been carried out. No statements have been taken from people who could contradict the version of the plaintiffs, “the letter said to the court.

In the letter, Martín Villa is especially hurt by the fact that Servini
«Do not grant any credibility to the four living former presidents of the Government of Spain
, two from the Socialist Party and two from the Popular Party “who explained to him that the Transition was” the opposite “of a genocide thanks, among others, to him.

“The Transition is the greatest success in favor of coexistence”

He insists on clarifying to the court that “in the Spanish transition to democracy it is impossible, contrary to what the complaint affirms, that the actions of the governments formed a systematic, generalized, deliberate and planned plan to terrorize the Spanish supporters of the representative form of government “, a” crazy version that has been accepted without further ado by the judge to assume, without any basis, jurisdiction in the framework of international criminal justice».

“I am convinced that after an inordinate delay without a real judicial investigation and with manifest partiality, a personal unfair prosecution has been handed down. And most importantly, unfounded, because qualifies the events as crimes against humanity, something impossible in the Spanish Transition I consider, and I believe I am not alone in this statement, the greatest success in favor of reconciliation and coexistence among Spaniards in our recent history “, concluded the letter to the court. The answer, advanced by this newspaper, overturns the prosecution and tells the judge that if there really was a genocide in the 70s in Spain, prove it once.

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