Thursday, September 29

Sánchez resigns due to bullfighting shame



The Prime Minister has resigned. The announcement caught everyone by surprise late yesterday, when Pedro Sánchez, on vacation at the Quintos de Mora estate, communicated through a tweet his “irrevocable decision to resign from the position that I have not been able to honor with the competition, loyalty and dedication demanded of me by the Constitution and the Spanish people. Aware of my impotence in these dramatic moments for the Nation, I am leaving out of bullfighting shame ».

Since the unexpected message became known, the efforts carried out by this newsroom to expand what is undoubtedly the most outstanding news of the year have been in vain. Moncloa sources assure that “the president is

resting and does not grant interviews “, while the Minister Spokesman was unreachable throughout the day yesterday. In the absence of information, in the Madrilenian lies the conjectures multiply. Has Sánchez succumbed to fatigue coinciding with the ravages of the sixth Covid wave and its proven failure in managing the pandemic? Have the real economic data that dismantle their triumphalist forecasts and augur a bleaker 2022 than what Vice President Calviño claims? Are the threats from your pro-independence partners the cause of this sudden and suspicious flight? Is its proven irrelevance on the international scene intolerable, where it has suffered repeated displays of contempt? Is there some hidden corruption scandal that will induce you to withdraw before it explodes in your face? Or perhaps (this is the most improbable hypothesis) have you been overcome by remorse for your constant assignments to the ETA members, your humiliation to the victims, the pardons granted to irredentist seditious or the perverse radicalization of Spanish politics motivated by your pact with communists? , separatists and heirs of a terrorist gang? At the time of writing this column, all lines of investigation are open, although in the absence of official responses we are moving in the field of speculation. Among the journalists who follow the president, the last words included in the tweet have caused special confusion: “I’m leaving because of a bullfighting shame.” “Bullfighter shame?” – A colleague of her press conferences has commented to this columnist without questions. “Of the first he is scarce and as for the other, I doubt that he has ever seen a bull up close.”

P.S. The seasoned reader will have fallen into the fact that today is December 28 and this column responds to the tradition of publishing some innocent, deeply rooted in the pages of ABC. As when in 1994 he ‘reported’ that the PP was preparing to sign Baltasar Garzón as number two on its list for Madrid. Of course that was much more plausible than this. Today is pure black humor, to match the prevailing mood.

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