Thursday, September 29

Stock Loves and Hates (II) Here and on Wall Street

Solaria y Credit Suisse

We could qualify it as a new love or as a crush at first sight with one of the values ​​that has suffered the most by far by investors so far this year.Perhaps to the same extent that it was loved, by shareholders and market experts and stock firms last year, in which we remember, Solaria it was up a whopping 247%.

Now the Swiss entity begins its coverage of the value and does it in a big way, as it recommends overweighting Solaria shares in investors’ portfolios, and gives you a target price of 21 euros per share.This leaves by the way a potential margin of appreciation for the security that reaches 21%.

Solaria annual share price

For Credit Suisse Solaria has the best pipeline in all of Spain and also analyze having the highest capacity until the year 2025. We are talking about 12 gigawatts and 6.2 respectively. and until the year 2030 its estimate of annual growth in terms of photovoltaic energy is 23%.They also highlight that Solaria has the advantage of being a local operator with exposure to a rapidly growing solar market. To all this, it must be added that the Swiss firm considers that Solaria has also performed well against its peers in 2021, connecting 18% of total new solar capacity, above its 6% market share.

Morgan Stanley y Apple

It is also a latent love that lasts over time, because the progressive improvement of Apple in the market in 2021, with advances that touch 9% in the month, they are 20.5% quarterly and reaches 32% so far this year, they are closely related to price improvements in their valuations. This is the case of Morgan Stanley, which this month has risen to $ 200, with purchase advice. Among the best recommendations in the market is the target of the apple company’s shares from the previous $ 164.

Su analista Katy Huberty advises to buy the security in the market understanding that not all of Apple’s universe is focused on your iPhone and that your new products, case of your augmented reality viewer or the iCar to come are not yet included in your price. On the same day that the recommendation occurred, Apple reached a new all-time high.

Apple annual stock price

Huberty has pointed out that about 6% of Apple’s total revenue during the last five years have been generated by new products like AirPods, Apple Watch, and some of Apple’s services, which didn’t exist five years ago. And he hopes that, in the future, the same will happen.

Telefónica and JPMorgan

Both, telecommunications company, Telefonica and investment bank, Jp Morgan have maintained a relationship, it must be said, not too idyllic of late, which has been consolidated in this month of December. Just as fall was beginning maintained the recommendation to underweight the security that still remains and raised up to 3.7 euros per share its target price, which also repeats now in December. The problem is also that this amount is no less than 5% lower than the current price of the security in the market.

In fact, JP Morgan indicates that “European telecommunications stocks have outperformed the general market since the beginning of the year and are valued at an all-time low, although many companies are setting medium-term targets for the first time in ten years. Y most are on the verge of generating increasing income again.

In addition, they expect from the US firm an unprecedented wave of mergers and acquisitions in 2022. The problem is that, while its analyst Akhil Dattani bets on Cellnex, KPN, Vodafone or Deutsche Telecom and avoid and stay away from Telia and also from Telefónica.

Telefonica annual share price

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