Wednesday, September 28

Tesla: more share sales, 1,000 euros again and the great danger of Arcade

Tesla returns as always to the center of the controversy if it is ever gone. First on account of the sale of shares in Elon Musk. The last $ 928.6 million obtained from the sale of 934,000 shares, with what its creator, points out, always on Twitter of course, that he had almost finished reducing his presence in the company.

Of course in statements to Babylon Bee, Elon Musk has indicated that he has sold shares worth almost 10% as it had announced, although it has clarified that this sale is being carried out under a program that was already programmed.

Since November 7, when these operations began, Musk has sold about 14.8 million shares, which have earned him just over $ 15 billion. in the market prices of their securities. He also exercised more than 2.1 million stock options this week bringing the total sold to 20 million since indicated by the richest man in the world.

Finally, as we can see, it has complied with what it submitted at the discretion of its followers on Twitter last November, if it should sell part of its presence in the company. All this after indicating who will pay in taxes a little more than 11,000 million dollars this year, after indicating that everything was extremely transparent and that he had neither accounts abroad nor tax shelters.

In its stock chart we see how the stock continues to fight with 1,000 euros per share and settle them in the market, together with a billion euros of capitalization. In this environment, it rose 3.4% in the last listed week, but it shows that the previous month was close to the negative double digit, with falls of 9.6% for the value. The quarter is good, with advances of 34.2% for Tesla and so far this year it has earned 43% on the Nasdaq that becomes more than 56% since the beginning of the month of December.

Tesla annual share price

Regarding recommendations, we highlight those of Tipranks, where the consensus of the 26 analysts who follow the security state that 13 who choose to buy the security, 8 for keeping it in the portfolio and the remaining five who choose to sell. Its average target price, 1,004.33 euros per share, with a slight downward bias of 0.45% on its price.

Tesla recommendations and security price target

From Guggenheim his analyst Ali Faghri qualifies as Neutral to the value with a target price that places it below its quotation in the market. We are talking about $ 925 per share, while it considers that Tesla runs the risk of losing its dominance of the market, although it considers that, in the short term, demand exceeds supply and sales volume will increase for the next two years.

While we see how the company has confirmed your Autopilot enhancements that will also be implemented from March 2022 in Europe, putting an end to the failures of the speed limit reading system, which did not work well at all, according to the users.

On the opposite side, it stands out greatly the investigation launched by the NHTSA Agency, which is in charge of traffic regulation in the US. It affects about 580,000 vehicles that have been sold in the last three years in its 3, S, X and Y models, and in which it is installed a screen that allows you to play video games and its Tesla Arcade platform.

The problem is that it is installed with the idea that only passengers with a security method can access it, but the new update Passenger play makes disabling the security protocol easy, even when the car is running.

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