Thursday, September 29

The Government is going to automate labor inspections: a software will open sanction records after analyzing data without human intervention

Starting next Saturday, January 1, 2022, Social Security will start using software that automate labor inspections through artificial intelligence and massive data analysis, according to the newspaper The country. This tool will be able to open sanctioning acts to companies after analyzing the information without the intervention of any inspector.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security has not yet specified which actions will be capable of being automated, which has generated some unease among employers. Experts estimate that eThe software will detect the most common and easily traceable errors, such as failures in the discharge or discharge of employees, in the records of contracts or in the fulfillment of the limits of working hours, with the aim of freeing the inspectors so that they can take care of more complex matters. But for now, until the government clears it up, they are just guesswork.

For the Executive, this initiative will allow speed up the work of inspectors and improve the prosecution of fraud, since the tool will analyze data much faster than any public employee currently does.

The companies to which a sanctioning act is opened using this software they may allege if they believe that the software has been wrong, which will cause a labor inspector to review the process. However, this action will make the company unable to benefit from the reduction of the penalty for prompt payment.

Despite the fact that the software should start working with the entry of the new year, El País points out that it is foreseeable that took several months to be fully operational.

This measure is one of those included in the Strategic Plan of the Labor and Social Security Inspection 2021-2023 published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) at the end of November, which reported on various actions with which it is intended to digitize Social Security processes. The aforementioned document indicates that one of its objectives is “improve the planning of inspection actions using the most advanced artificial intelligence tools”.

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