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Thermomix incorporates a new cooking mode and accessory to peel food: 800 grams of potatoes in four minutes

Thermomix says goodbye to 2021 with surprise. Your TM6 kitchen robot adds a new feature to its extensive list of tools, already made up of a dozen and a half options for treating food: the “Peel” mode. As the company advances today, it is now available with free updates to the Thermomix software, although those who want to try it must first get a new peeler blade cover that is installed in the bottom of the glass.

Once the accessory is fixed, you must place the potatoes and vegetables inside the robot, add a jug of water and select the peeling with the appropriate time. “And… Voilà! With the friction between the glass and the food, the peeler will peel them little by little”, Specifies the company.

New addition to the arsenal of tools

As a reference, the company ensures that with the software update and the new accessory, the Thermomix TM6 can peel between 200 and 800 grams of potatoes in four minutes. “This new accessory it will be compatible with both Thermomix TM6 and Thermomix TM5”, He says.

With the “Peel” option, the Thermomix TM6 robot around twenty cooking modes, which include “Knead”, “Turbo”, “Ferment”, “Rice Cooking”, “Vacuum”, “Scale”, “Thicken”, “High Temperature”, “Sugar Points”, “Prewash “,” Heating “,” Egg cooking “,” Kettle “and” Shred “. To put them to good use, in the summer the company released the book All TM6. Take advantage of modes, with 44 recipes designed for the different options of the device.

Thermomix Peel Mode 2

Thermomix presented the TM6 a little less than three years ago, in mid-March 2019, as a replacement for the TM5, launched four and a half years earlier. As we already told you in its day in Engadget, it is updated thanks to the integrated access to WiFi, which also allows access to a wide range of special recipes. In addition to the classic functions, already included in the TM5 model, it incorporated the options of high temperature cooking, sous vide, slow cook and fermentation.

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