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They summon a tribute to Henri Parot, the greatest murderer of ETA




As they did in mid-September with the call for a ‘solidarity march’ for the terrorist Henri Parot, the support network for ETA prisoners Sare, has once again called a demonstration, also in the Guipuzcoan town, in favor of the impunity of three ETA members: Parot, José Manuel Pagoaga Gallastegui, alias’ Peixoto ‘and Eugenio Barrutiabengoa, alias’ Arbe ‘.

From the Collective of Victims of Terrorism (Covite), through their social networks, they have denounced this call. «This is how the Abertzale left will celebrate New Year’s Eve: with demonstrations to demand the impunity of ETA ”.

It is an act “exactly the same as the one called in September in favor of Henri Parot’s impunity, only this time they do it with a lower profile,” writes the group chaired by Consuelo Ordóñez.

On its website, the Sare collective announces this march with the vindication of the «Rapprochement of all and all Basque dams to Euskal Herria». This call is made on the eve of the mobilization on January 8 in Bilbao.

With this call, the message that the majority group of ETA prisoners (EPPK for its acronym in Basque) announced at the end of November, with which it announced the end to the ‘ongi etorri’. In the text, he assured that his intention was “to promote peace” and that he sought “recognition of the suffering of others.”

During these Christmases, Sare has also been organizing small acts in favor of the terrorists, in Basauri, Vitoria, San Sebastián and Pamplona. A few days ago, in the Navarran capital, a tribute to Ignacio Martín Etxebarria, alias ‘Mortadelo’, took place.

Solidarity march for Parot

In September, after receiving many criticisms from various institutions for organizing these events in support of one of ETA’s most bloodthirsty prisoners, the Sare network chose to modify its mobilization so as not to refer to any specific ETA. Instead, it convened 51 events in 51 towns in the Basque Country. At that time, the radicals took care of the acts in detail so as not to be accused of glorifying terrorism. The most popular event of all those called by the ‘citizen network’ took place in the Monterrón park in the Guipuzcoan town. More than a thousand people gathered there to support the ETA prisoners.

Henri Parot is one of the bloodiest ETA members of the band. Behind him he has more than 200 victims and 39 murders. For all this, he was sentenced to almost 4,800 years in prison, of which he will serve 41 for the crimes of murders, attacks, havoc, injuries and terrorism. Arrested in 1990 in Seville while transporting 300 kilos of explosives, he spent a large part of his sentence in Cádiz and now, benefiting from the penitentiary policy of bringing ETA prisoners closer to the Basque Country, he was transferred to the Mansilla de las Mulas prison in León.

José Manuel Pagoaga Gallastegui, alias’ Peixoto‘, born in Mondragón, was one of the leaders of the terrorist gang, suspected of participating in several attacks, such as the murder of Aurelio Prieto. He was arrested in a raid against ETA in 1989 in France, although he was later released.

Eugenio Barrutiabengoa, alias’ Arbe‘, fled in Venezuela, accused of being the author, among other attacks that killed Justino Amador and where Manuel Pérez Zazo was wounded, on June 28, 1980. To this day there are still more than 50 ETA members on the run outside of Spain.

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