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This three-wheel electric bike is a leap in stability and has up to 68 kilometers of autonomy

Rungu is a Californian electric bicycle manufacturer known for its extreme models with double front wheel. The idea came up in 2014 with the Juggernaut and Kilimanjaro, two bikes focused on moving through the sand and helping to transport surfboards.

The result in terms of stability was so good that the company continued to develop new models, until today, where by 2022 they have presented a new batch of electric mountain and snow bikes, with a slimmer design and much larger battery.

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The wheels on Rungu’s bikes are 26-inch off-road tires. The back is 10.2 cm wide and the front ones are 8.2 cm, separated between them 22 centimeters. As in other vehicles, the two front wheels are held at a fixed angle and at the same distance when we turn the handlebars.

Like a Quad, Rungu bikes offer a much higher level of stability to cross difficult terrain compared to traditional bikes, be it sand, snow or stone paths.

Double Wheel Bicycle

In 2022 the company has presented five new models, with different designs and batteries. The ‘Rugged’ model comes with a single battery and promises a range in electric assistance of 35 kilometers. The ‘XR Steep’ and ‘XR Rubicon’ models are also added, where Instead of the 15 Ah battery, two 18 Ah batteries are installed. This allows an electric range of up to 66 kilometers in the ‘XR Rubicon’ model and of 68 kilometers for the ‘XR Steep’.

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The new Rungu bikes place the motor 25 mm higher than previous generations, which allows raising the position of this component and reducing the possibility of impacts when crossing rocks and other obstacles.

Through its website You can consult the complete specifications of the different models. Three-wheeled electric bicycles that offer greater stability, they stand upright by themselves and can be purchased, depending on the model, from $ 4,899.

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