Sunday, October 2

Twelve mayors on the outskirts of Barcelona ask to have a curfew to avoid large bottles and ‘raves’




Twelve mayors of municipalities in the metropolitan area of Barcelona They have asked the Generalitat to have a curfew to avoid a ‘call effect’ that increases the bottles in their towns during the Christmas season. These populations fear that, with the closure of nightlife, the bottles and the ‘raves’ their local police are overflowing, who today do not have legal tools to limit nighttime mobility.

In a letter signed by the first mayors of Tiana, Alella, Teià, Vilassar de Dalt, Cabrils, Cabrera de Mar, Òrrius, Vilanova del Vallès, Vallromanes, Santa Maria de Martorelles, Martorelles and Sant Fost de Campsentelles (Barcelona), they say that they do not have “sufficient police forces” to prevent illegal meetings during dates such as end of the year. Last year, without going any further, the New Year’s festival lasted more than a day at an illegal ‘rave’ type party in Llinars del Vallès (Barcelona).

The mayors recall that in September they had to limit access to the Parc de la Serralada Litoral to avoid the concentrations that occurred. In addition, they warn that these meetings left the east damaged and littered natural space. If the Government refuses to extend the curfew to these municipalities, they alternatively propose to deploy an extraordinary and specific Mossos d’Esquadra device that helps guarantee citizen security.

Right now, the curfew from one to six in the morning decreed by the Generalitat of Catalonia affects 126 municipalities. Of these, 117 are localities with more than 10,000 inhabitants and a cumulative incidence of more than 250 cases per 100,000. The remaining nine are municipalities that surround these populations.

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