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88-year-old man graduates from college at the same time as his granddaughter



René Neira has waited 88 years to graduate from the University of Texas. A waiting time that he would have liked to be less, although the difficulties of years ago forced him to leave it to go to work at an early age.

Having just reached the age of majority, the young man was already starting a family and left his studies to go to work and get a salary that would support everyone. However, he never gave up his desire to study at university and get a degree in Economics.

For thirty years, René has been trying to graduate by retaking classes even though In an intermittent way; and it was not until the years in which he was retired that he could take it more seriously and finally finish it.

As rescues
, the man did not get all the credits of the degree, although his family spoke with the University of Texas so that they gave him a title symbolically, as this ended up happening.

Grandfather and granddaughter immortalized a viral photo and for the family’s memory, after graduating the same day. Although they barely met in class, she tells how it felt to see him sometimes in the cafeteria or in the library: “Everyone was motivated to see it”, he expressed.

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