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Casado asks the Prosecutor’s Office to act in the tributes to ETA and accuses Sánchez of “doing nothing”




The leader of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has accused the chief executive, Pedro Sanchez, to do “nothing” to prevent the tributes to ETA prisoners and has announced that today it is going to register an initiative with the Public Prosecutor to act and “put an end to” the ‘ongi etorris’.

This has been pronounced before journalists in Congress, after the final approval of the General State Budgets (PGE) for 2022, before the demonstration called by SARE to pay tribute to the ETA Henri Parot, Pagoaga Gallastegui, alias’ Peixoto ‘, and Eugenio Barrutiabengoa,’ Arbe‘, which is scheduled for December 31 in Mondragón.

“The Government is doing nothing to prevent these tributes to ETA members, which are a humiliation for the victims.

For this reason, we are going to register today with the Prosecutor’s Office an initiative so that the most bloodthirsty of the ETA, as is the case of Parot, does not have a tribute or so that the new leader of Sortu, who was head of ETA, do not try to feign a disagreement with Otegi so that the victims of terrorism will continue to be humiliated, “he stressed.

The Association for the Support of Victims (APAVT) and Dignity and Justice have already asked the National Court to prohibit this demonstration to pay tribute to the ETA prisoners on the 21st in Mondragón, considering that it would constitute a crime of glorification of terrorism and humiliation of the victims.

The government’s position

The Minister, spokesperson for the Government, Isabel rodriguez, has expressed this Tuesday the “most absolute condemnation and rejection” of the tribute scheduled for this Friday. “As we have already expressed on previous occasions, our condemnation and most absolute rejection of these acts that offend the victims and reopen their pain and their drama,” he stated at the press conference after the Council of Ministers.

However, it has not clarified whether the Government will use the mechanisms at its disposal to request the prohibition of the demonstration called by SARE.

«They have deceived us again»

For its part, the Vice Secretary for Organization of the PP, Ana Beltran, has stated that once again they have “been deceived” because they said that “the tributes were going to stop” and it is being seen that “it is a lie.”

“It was all a smokescreen so that Sánchez could ally himself with Bildu in the face of the General State Budgets,” he told Europa Press, after recalling that the ETA prison group announced in November that there would be no more tributes and that the Arnaldo Otegi himself said that he felt the pain of the victims. In his view, it is all a strategy to “keep Sánchez in Moncloa in exchange for taking 200 prisoners to the streets.”

Ana Beltrán has assured that the Government has in its power to act with the law and stop this type of tribute. But he doesn’t want to. We not only ask that the Prosecutor’s Office avoid a march in support of Henri Parot on New Year’s Eve, we demand that the Government of Spain act with all the tools at its disposal to avoid this humiliation ”, he asserted.

According to Beltrán, the President of the Government “disguises Otegi as a democrat to agree on the Budgets” but Sánchez’s partners are the ones who on December 24 “paid homage in the street to ETA Iñaki Etxeberria, who received Mikel ‘Antza amid applause ‘, investigated for killing Gregorio Ordóñez, or those who want to put David Pla, the last head of ETA, into the Sortu executive.

“Sánchez is a shepherd of wolves and lives kneeling before those who present murderers of children as heroes”, has also declared the president of the PP in Navarra, who has stressed that her party has been proposing initiatives for months “to end this scourge” and led the Congress to end the benefits to ETA but the PSOE rejected it because “it needs those votes to continue in the power”.

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