Sunday, October 2

China investigates Turkish Airlines for charging 28,000 euros for a flight to Guangzhou

  • Before the pandemic, Turkish Airlines charged about 13,000 yuan ($ 2,000, 1,800 euros) for trips between London and Shanghai

The Chinese authorities have opened an investigation against Turkey’s flag carrier Turkish Airlines, for allegedly charging more than 200,000 yuan ($ 31,400, € 27,700) for economy class tickets for their flights between Istanbul and Canton, the local press reported today.

According to the economic news portal Yicai, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) will now try to determine if Turkish Airlines violated Chinese laws and bilateral agreements with Turkey, since one of these treaties establishes that the prices of tickets between the two countries must be agreed by Beijing and Ankara.

The information also points to a price of more than 250,000 yuan (39,200 dollars, 34,600 euros) for first class tickets on that route.

Yicai stresses that before the pandemic Turkish Airlines It charged about 13,000 yuan ($ 2,000, 1,800 euros) for trips between London and Shanghai.

China almost completely sealed its borders in March 2020 due to the improvement in local data on covid-19 infections and the international spread of the pandemic, and since then the number of permits for international flights to arrive in the country has notably reduced.

The CAAC announced in October that, until March 2022, it would only allow the arrival of 408 flights from abroad each week, which represents a decrease of more than 36% compared to the figures for the summer season.

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At the moment, according to official data, China It only authorizes around 2.2% of total international flights operating to or from the country prior to the pandemic.

This has also resulted in significant increases in ticket prices, which, added to a mandatory quarantine of about three weeks -in some cities, even eight-, it has meant great difficulties for the arrival of people from abroad.

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