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Communities will propose to Health to reduce quarantines for Covid from 10 to 5 days



The explosion of Covid cases caused by Ómicron forces a change in the strategy to fight the coronavirus. Andalusia, Castilla y León and Madrid, among other communities, will ask the Ministry of Health during the meeting of the Interterritorial Health Council held this Wednesday reducing the isolation time of people who test positive for Covid from 10 to 5 days, as the United States has already decided and Italy is studying. The measure seeks to prevent the collapse of the operation of essential companies and services with the explosion of cases in Europe and the United States.

The debate is not included in the agenda of the meeting of the communities and the Ministry of Health, but some Health Councilors have already announced that they will introduce the debate during the questions and answers, as confirmed by ABC.

The proposal had already been discussed in a previous meeting of the Public Health technicians last week, where Madrid, for example, proposed to reduce at least the isolation time of patients to 7 days, although no agreement was reached.

Homogeneous and technical decision

The spokesman for the Junta de Castilla y León, Carlos Fernández Carriedo, believes that “it would be positive” for the communities and the Ministry of Health to take a homogeneous decision throughout the territory. Murcia prefers not to anticipate. Sources from the Health department assured that it is an exclusively technical decision. “We will ask the Ministry to provide all the necessary technical information before, to avoid generating confusion in the middle of the sixth wave,” they report from the Murcia Ministry of Health.

“We are all trying to apply the means to the current circumstances,” explained Jesús Aguirre, Andalusian Health Minister.
Aguirre says that he has already spoken with the Minister of Health
, Carolina Darias, on this approach of reducing quarantines and doing fewer diagnostic tests or changing their typology, informs M. Moguer.

The Basque Country has not asked, for now, to reduce the isolation time, but it has asked to stop tracking because with so many positive cases it stops making sense. The new positives have overwhelmed the Health department, which asks that from now on it is the citizens who notify their contacts. In this way, the autocuidades protocol initiated by the community of Madrid continues.

This Wednesday, the Interterritorial Health Council is not expected to make a decision and, probably, it will be resumed in a subsequent meeting of public health technicians that, for now, is not scheduled for this week. Perhaps the Ministry of Health will wait for Europe to decide to establish a common position for quarantine times with ECDC recommendation, the European Center for Disease Control, which has not yet ruled.

Isolation and five days of mask

Yes, the institution of the same name in the United States has already done so. On Monday, the US medical authority updated its recommendations on quarantine for those who test positive for Covid-19 or for people who have contacts with infected, with an overall reduction in isolation periods. This was established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, in its acronym in English) which determined that from now on those who have tested positive for covid but are asymptomatic or have stopped presenting symptoms can reduce their quarantine to five days , compared to the ten days that were in force today. The recommendation is that they carry always a mask when in contact with others for another five days.

Italy will also decide this Wednesday a change of strategy to avoid the paralysis of the country. The proposals, with various hypotheses, are already on the government table and will be debated with the technical scientific advisory committee. The quarantine time, if a positive person is contacted, could be set between 3 and 5 days for those who have the third vaccination dose, in which case the hypothesis of eliminating the quarantine is even raised.

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