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“Crazy” weather with record snowfalls in countries like Japan and very mild temperatures in Spain




The final stretch of 2021 is marked by a time «extremely loco»In Europe and elsewhere in the northern hemisphere, with practically opposite situations of polar cold and summer heat»That occur simultaneously, according to Meteored.

This circumstance occurs because the current in jet It is extraordinarily wavy, in such a way that very high temperatures are produced in the ascending part of the ridge, while in its posterior part, there is a significant discharge of very cold air.

An obvious example of these aberrant extremes can be found in North America, where this weekend there have been some “shocking” contrasts. In Alberta (Canada) they had -30 ºC of maximum, while in Texas they registered hot 35,5 ºC.

This is a difference of almost 60 ºC in just over 3,000 kilometers of distance.

The United States and Canada continue to live thermal anomalies “fictional”. In the Gulf of Mexico, Texas, Alabama, Tenneese or Kentucky it is very abnormally hot for the time of year, with positive anomalies of up to 14ºC. This situation contrasts with the cold that is discharging through the northwestern United States and Canada. In this sense, the states of Alberta or British Columbia have negative anomalies between 20 and 25 ºC. There the maximums will not exceed -30 ºC.

Smoothness in Europe

Here, on the European continent, we are also living atmospheric contrasts, although not of the North American magnitude. Much of the Old Continent is found under a rather soft air mass, with winds from the south and southwest in height and in the ascending part of the jet stream. In this way, we find positive anomalies of between 2 and 8 degrees that reach the Baltic Sea.

In our country is where today we will find the mildest temperatures in all of Europe: the maximum expected will reach the 26 ºC in points of Canary Islands The 24 ºC on the Valencian Community and Murcia. Temperatures are on the rise and this week will end up being very mild for this time of year.

This mild and almost summery atmosphere contrasts with the extreme cold in Norway and points of Russia. There the negative anomalies reach 8 ºC. For example, in Oslo or Moscow they will be below -10ºC all day.

Records on New Years Eve

As of today, Tuesday, December 28, and according to the reference model in Meteored, the anticyclonic dorsal. This will begin an episode of abnormally high temperatures for this time and it is possible that some records will fall. Although it may seem that the air mass is coming from Africa, it will really be Atlantic air that will experience strong descents that tend to warm the air mass. At about 1500 meters of altitude, temperatures of 10 to 14 ºC higher than normal are expected at the end of December, this may give an idea of ​​the magnitude of the episode.

Between Wednesday and Friday they are expected slightly cloudy skies or clear throughout the territory, except in valley areas that present fog, in which the temperature will not rise as much. We will enjoy a spring atmosphere and in many capitals they will be around or exceed 20 ºC. On the Cantabrian slope and in Galicia they will also exceed this figure, while some areas of the middle will reach 25 ºC. In New Years Eve temperatures could be 5 to 10 ° C higher than normal in much of the country.

Great contrasts are also experienced in Europe. The almost summer temperatures of Spain contrast with the extreme cold from Norway and points in Russia, where they are reaching -10º. The cause of this mild temperature in Europe is the reinforced polar vortex at the north pole.

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