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European funds What is a Perte?

Projects of a strategic nature or LOSS (strategic projects for economic recovery and transformation) that from today they will compete to receive the aid, they are a new figure created to transport European funds ‘Next Generation’ towards initiatives with great capacity for drag of economic growth, employment and competitiveness of the Spanish economyto. They have a high component of public-private partnership and they are transversal to the different administrations. This type of project must be approved by the Council of Ministers, as is the case with the electric and connected car, the first of which the Government ratifies, with 4,300 million European funds and a total mobilization of resources planned of 24,000 million. After the sector of the automotive, agri-food It leads the sector that has presented the second most projects in the framework of proposals to take advantage of the recovery funds of the European Union (EU). The PERTE of the car has been the first approved by the Council of Ministers based on objective and transparent criteria and activated with its publication this morning in the Official State Gazette (BOE).

To continue with one of these projects, collaboration between the public administration, private companies and research centers is required. They have to participate at least five companies, and of these at least 40% have to be SMEs. The budget for each project must be a minimum of 40 million euros and there must be the involvement of more than one autonomous community.

Deeply lost

The perte are a new figure that is included as a novelty within the so-called Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan endowed, in the case of Spain, with some 140,000 million euros from community funds in the form of transfers and loans for the period 2021-26, of which some 69,000 are lost funds over the next three years. This plan is based on four transversal axes: ecological transition, digital transformation, gender equality and social and territorial cohesion.

Have, with a vocation of permanence conceived as a mechanism of impulse and coordination of high priority projects, especially complex ones or in which there is a clear market failure, important externalities or insufficient initiative or investment capacity on the part of the private sector. Its objective is to contribute to agile and efficient management of funds and reinforcing those projects that clearly contribute to the transformation of the Spanish economy.


The criteria that are taken into account are to evaluate them are:

1. That they represent an important contribution to economic growth, to job creation and to the competitiveness of the Spanish industry and economy, taking into account their positive knock-on effects on the internal market and society.

2. That allows combine knowledge, experience, financial resources and economic actors, in order to remedy major market or systemic failures and societal challenges that could not be addressed otherwise.

3. Have an important innovative character or contributes an important added value in terms of R & D & i, for example, enabling the development of new products, services or production processes.

4. what is quantitatively or qualitatively important, of a particularly large size or scope, or that entails a very high level of technological or financial risk.

5. That favors the integration and growth of SMEs, as well as the promotion of collaborative environments.

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6. what contributes in a concrete, clear and identifiable way to one or more objectives of the Recovery Plan, Transformation and Resilience of the Spanish economy, in particular with regard to the objectives set at European level in relation to the European Recovery Instrument.

The law provides for the creation of a state registry of entities interested in the perte, dependent on the Ministry of Finance, in which entities interested in participating in one must register.

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