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Galician pubs and discos may open until three on New Year’s Eve and until January 18




If in pre-pandemic times the difficult thing was to find tickets for New Year’s Eve celebrations in the most famous places in the cities, in recent days social networks registered a curious movement, and the opposite. On Instagram, especially, advertisements of young people who resell the tickets they had already purchased proliferate. And it is not, as on other occasions, for profit, but a consequence of the vertiginous increase in infections: without waiting to know the measures that the administration would take, many young people had already chosen to get rid of their tickets. But this Tuesday night, the Xunta has announced its decision: pubs, discos and nightclubs may be open until three in the morning New Year’s Eve and until next January 18.

Yes indeed, the measure has small print.

The autonomous administration did not leave much room for maneuver. In the meeting held this Tuesday night with representatives of nightlife, the councilors for Tourism, Healthcare and Emprego –Alfonso Rueda, Julio García Comesaña and María Jesús Lorenzana, respectively– have given the sector two options for the night of the End. Year: open until three in the morning, or, in the event that those affected do not see it feasible or profitable –New Year’s Eve parties usually start late–, close completely. Finally have agreed to open until three in the morning, although with conditions.

Those businesses that decide to operate throughout the weekend (between this Thursday, January 30 and Sunday, January 2) will be left out of a package of economic aid articulated by the Xunta which will be distributed according to the size of the premises. It has been the agreement that the regional executive councilors have reached with representatives of various groups and associations of the Galician pub and nightclub sector in a meeting that lasted more than three hours yesterday.

Conditional aid

In this way, the premises will be able to open during New Year’s Eve at most until three in the morning. Those businesses that decide to lower the blind between this Thursday, January 30 and Sunday, January 2 They will be able to opt for a package of economic compensation ranging from 2,500 to 45,000 euros, depending on the size of the establishment.

The representatives of the sector have managed to start from the Xunta, in addition, a greater time margin than the autonomic Executive offered for the coming weeks. They will operate until 03.00 hours, when the intention of the Xunta was for them to do so until 02.00 hours. This will be the schedule until the week of January 18, when the parties are summoned to return to discuss the operation of the nightlife businesses that, in the words collected by Europa Press from the president of Galicia de Noite, Luis Diz, are the only sector to which restrictions have been imposed to combat the sixth wave of the pandemic.

The change in closing time, initially planned by the Xunta for two in the morning, It will also modify the curfew hours, conditioned by nightlife. The mobility restriction will be at the end, from three to six in the morning. Young people will now have a clearer understanding of whether or not their New Year’s Eve tickets are worth reselling.

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