Thursday, September 29

Great success of the first day of ‘Family day Christmas’ at the Madrid racecourse



With a very pleasant morning, almost springtime, the first day of the ‘Family day Navidad’ at the Madrid Hippodrome, with five exciting events, all on the sand and fiber track, with great success from the public, who greatly enjoyed the excitement of horse racing and gastronomy and the special attractions for the family and the little ones.

The day

The morning began at 1:00 p.m., with the Save the Children Foundation Award, handicap for mares 3 years and older that have not won a prize of € 10,000 in the year, distance of 1,700 meters. Four participants at the starting pole. Veleta won from end to end without giving his rivals a choice.

Almost two lengths came Thirteen to be second and already far, eight lengths came Belletti being third.

“Veleta” – 1st race ‘Save The Children Foundation Award “- DC PRO Magazine

The second race will be the Theater Subscription Award, for 2-year-old foals and fillies that have not won, over a distance of 1,200 meters. Five participants. Kakarotto quickly grabbed the head followed by Fuji Gold, thus they entered the final stretch in which Kakarotto went very easily towards the goal achieving a beautiful victory. Second to more than two lengths came Fuji Gold. Kwa Heri was third already to almost four lengths.

'Kakaroto' - 2nd carrera 'Premio Abono Teatro'
‘Kakaroto’ – 2nd carrera ‘Premio Abono Teatro’ – DC PRO Magazine

Third, the Ampara Association Award, for 3 year old colts and fillies that have not won, distance of 1,800 meters. Nine hopefuls for victory. Tetis came out very fast, setting the pace of the test followed by Nikara and the rest of the participants. In the final stretch the two fought for victory but Colomer coming from the outside, agreed to win with solvency by two lengths, second in the goal was Tetis with what his coach Joanes Osorio did Twin. Third, almost two lengths away, Nikara entered.

'Colomer' - 3rd race 'Ampara Association Award
‘Colomer’ – 3rd race ‘Ampara Association Award – DC PRO Magazine

The fourth race was the Children’s Villages Award, (Lototurf support) split handicap second part for horses and mares 3 years and older, distance of 1,200 meters. Twelve candidates for victory. Nur always in the leading positions from the start, he entered the final stretch first in which he became strong in the center of the track, achieving victory with ease. His patio companion Sansevero was the only one who tried to disturb him, passing by goal in second place to almost three bodies. The Preparer Oscar Anaya, got a beautiful Twin. Third coming from the finals, Tannhauser arrived, entering the goal two lengths.

'Nur' - 4th race 'NGO Children's Villages Award'
‘Nur’ – 4th race ‘NGO Children’s Villages Award’ – DC PRO Magazine

He closed the day in fifth place, Ronald Mcdonald Children’s Foundation Award, split handicap first part for horses and mares 3 years and older, distance of 1,200 meters. Eight hopefuls for victory. So Hi Storm, dominated from the start, prevailing from end to end. Second came New Jack Swing, who tried to approach the driver in the last meters but without disturbing him, reaching three-quarters of a length. Third was Tunante who went through the finish line four lengths later.

'So Hi Storm" - 5th race 'Ronald McDonald Foundation Award
‘So Hi Storm “- 5th race’ Ronald McDonald Foundation Award – DC PRO Magazine

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