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Hiring increased by 29% around the sales campaign

The hiring around the winter sales campaign this year they will increase 29% compared to before the pandemic as a result of the boom in electronic commerce. It is the forecast of the temporary work company Randstad, whose recruitment offices are recording these days the demand data of the contractors and comparing them with those of previous years. They blame this rise on the push of the Logistics. Randstad foresees that the Sales campaign will generate in Spain around 207,410 hires, a volume higher than both this year’s campaign (by 14.2%), and that registered in 2020, before the outbreak of the virus (that 29% higher ).

According to data from this company, around 137,293 contracts will be signed around the logistics sector. Since 2020, this sector has not stopped registering double-digit growth, increasing by 52.8% since then. Despite the undoubted recovery, Randstad considers that commerce “cannot take off definitively”, with a level of hiring somewhat lower than those obtained in 2020 (1.2% less), although 14.4% higher than last year.

Valentín Bote, director of Randstad Research, believes that the figures allow us to be “optimistic”, due to a wide margin of improvement in trade as soon as the health situation improves and because of the relevant role that the logistics sector is taking as a “great stimulator of employment” . The connection between trade, online sales and logistics seems to benefit all these sectors as a whole from the rise of private consumption.

Randstad emphasizes that all the autonomies will increase their contracting volume in these reductions with respect to the campaign prior to the outbreak of the pandemic. Specifically, Castilla-La Mancha (43.9%), Galicia (36.9%), Andalusia (32.6%), and the Region of Murcia (30.8%) will be the communities in which the population will grow the most. hiring with respect to the 2020 campaign, all of them above 30%. In Catalonia, hiring will increase by 29.3%, above the state average, the same as in the Community of Madrid, Euskadi (both with 29.4%). Already with increases below the average are Cantabria (27.9%), Castilla y León (26.3%), the Valencian Community (26.1%), Aragon (25.5%), Navarra (24.3 %) and La Rioja (24.2%). The list is closed, with the most discreet percentages, Extremadura (23.6%), Asturias (22.4%) and the two archipelagos: the Canary Islands (10.5%), and the Balearic Islands (8.1%).

In absolute terms, Andalusia (36,350), Catalunya (34,360) and the Community of Madrid (28,810) will register the highest volumes, with these three autonomies adding about half (48%) of all contracts to be signed during the campaign. With also considerable volumes, over 10,000 contracts, there is the Valencian Community (25,900), Galicia (13,730), Castilla-La Mancha (11,910) and Euskadi (11,130).

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By province, Randstad highlights that the greatest increases will take place in Toledo (66.2%), Pontevedra (45.1%), Almería (44.9%) and Guadalajara (41.5%), while the most discreet They will produce in Tenerife (9.3%), Las Palmas (11.6%), Castellón (14.9%) and Soria (20.9%).

The dynamism of logistics will be logically reflected in employment. According to Randstad, the profiles that logistics companies will demand the most to respond to increased consumption will be packers, carters, warehouse workers and transporters. There will also be a certain increase in the needs of professionals for customer service, both for online and telephone service. Among the most valued competencies and skills, this campaign will highlight the domain of technological tools related to the sector. Although to a lesser extent, the commerce sector will also see an increase in recruitment. Companies will need professionals to reinforce their workforce in the face of the increase in consumers, such as employees, promoters, hostesses and commercial profiles, mainly, among whom the close relationship with the client and their communication skills are valued. Given the prominence of electronic commerce in this campaign, candidates will often have to have digital skills and knowledge of certain technology platforms typical of commerce or logistics.

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