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Holaluz: In 2022 the value of the company will be bullish

What are the keys to the future of Holaluz?

At Holaluz we connect people to green energy and we do so by offering 100% green energy, cheaper thanks to the intensive use of technology and data and putting customers at the center.

Now we are focused on disrupting the system of how energy is produced and consumed in the country of the sun. To do this we need a very large portfolio of retail clients distributed throughout all the postal codes in Spain. At the end of September 30, 2021, we have 378,202 clients, plus those who are incorporated after executing our first M&A operation, buying the 23,000 domestic clients of Blub Energy Spain, with which, we already have a very solid retail client base that we are joining with our Rooftop Revolution, which will transform every square meter of roofs in Spain -10 million technically transformable roofs- to be able to connect them and change the way in which energy is produced and consumed in the country.

All this gives us the possibility of offering a value proposition in the part of the Rooftop Revolution that no one has because all the energy that a family will have left over from its production on the roof, we can buy it at a value that no one else can buy because we can connect it to a portfolio of 378,202 plus 23,000 clients. Absolutely no one who is dedicated to the installation of photovoltaic solar panels now has this, except Holaluz.

Likewise, this means that the electricity bill of a client, which can transform their roof into 100% green energy, we can lower it by half and it can even reach 0 or even, in the future, when we have resolved the issues VAT tax, we can even have a negative invoice. This value proposition makes us unique.

The future of Holaluz is to invest heavily in this installation capacity. We are growing on a hockey curve, so that we are not achieving the work we are generating in transforming square meters of roof into 100% green energy while this client portfolio also grows.

All this will position us in the player that is really changing the way in which energy is produced and consumed in the country of the sun.

How is Holaluz experiencing its evolution in the stock market?

Another very relevant aspect for Holaluz are investors in the stock market and, without any doubt, our model is the winning model. This is happening in other countries such as the United States, Germany and England and it is also happening now in Spain and Holaluz is leading this transformation.

Holaluz is a company that in the next two-three years will have a turnover of around one billion and from this we will be able to transform 7% to EBITDA, therefore, the path in the value of our share will be very upward.

The 2021 stock market tour at Holaluz has been good. We have increased the value for our shareholders and have been at values ​​of 14-15 euros a share, which we think would now be a perfectly reasonable price for the company or even a little lower after the acquisition of Blub. Now we are suffering from the uncertainty in the markets, but we look to the future with absolute confidence and we see that this path will be on the upside.

It should be remembered that we have made two capital increases in recent months at a value of 13.81 euros per share, one of 11 million euros and the second of 7.5 million euros, with which, we are talking about two very relevant to the liquidity that we now have in the growing market and, therefore, the fair value of the company, from our point of view, will be bullish.

Therefore, for Holaluz, 2021 has been a good year from the stock market point of view and we look at 2022 with absolute enthusiasm and our sights are set very high.

What prospects do you have for the sector for 2022?

The more the price of electricity rises and the more the costs of generating electricity with non-renewable sources skyrocket, the more sense the Rooftop Revolution makes.

In addition, we now have tailwinds with European funds and all subsidies for both solar panels and chargers, batteries … and therefore we look at 2022 with very encouraging and very good numbers regarding the generation of value.

The prospects for this disruption of the generation-consumption model to grow decentralized energy production through distributed generation by the Rooftop Revolution and to grow this customer base thanks to lower supply costs is a perspective that does not It could be better because the circumstances are with us.

What do renewables need to reign in the energy market?

What is needed right now is to make ourselves known because not even the environmental awareness of the users is necessary since we make a proposal that reduces the bill by half or even zero and, therefore, you repay the credit to put up panels solar on your roof from the savings that it generates in the electricity bill from the first month. This is why it is not even necessary for him to have a social conscience, but on top of that he has it much better.

Personally, at Holaluz we are investing in creating the internal capacity to be able to install faster since, for now, we sell more than we are capable of installing and, therefore, we are building this real installation capacity of photovoltaic solar panels. This is what 2022 is all about at Holaluz.

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