Thursday, September 29

IU-Podemos asks that the 4 administrative assistants of the social centers of Toledo be kept




The Municipal Group Izquierda Unida – Podemos de Toledo has requested that the 4 jobs of the administrative assistants of the social centers of the city that process the files of aid to vulnerable groups, among other things, be maintained. This was explained by the spokesperson for Izquierda Unida – Podemos de Toledo, Txema Fernández, indicating that this request has been sent to the local government via municipal registry and has advanced that, facing the 2022 Budget, it will make an amendment to increase the general staff of the Social Services of the Toledo City Council.

Fernández has pointed out that the staff of administrative assistants in the social centers of the city processes the files of aid to vulnerable groups that guarantee that they reach those who need it most, among other tasks.

“Or it would be understandable to get rid of part of a necessary staff at a time when the economic crisis continues to hit the most vulnerable groups. Thus, We ask the local government to keep all positions in their jobs of social centers to continue providing this service effectively and we must even think about increasing it, “he said.

In this sense, it has specified that the detection and planning of social action is due to a necessary and effective administrative management that allows access to aid, subsidies or bonuses from any field of administration to the social majority of Toledo who today have many difficulties to do it.

In addition, he added that article 20 of the Law of General State Budgets approved dictates that they are “priority sectors” provided in social matters that can have a system of replacement of positions of 120% with respect to the current workforce. Regarding the budget for social services for 2022 announced by the local government, he has criticized the 1.73 percent increase in the budget when in the 2021 budget it grew by 12 percent, reducing the increase by 10 percent.

«Our city needs its city council to stand beside the vulnerable groups with effective policies, not filling it with promises that are not carried out, such as aid for the rental of housing for young people that have not been published ”, he assured.

In this way, he has reproached the local Executive who has requested a bank loan of 17 million euros to allocate them entirely to works, increasing his budget by 94 percent while that of social services increases only 1.73 percent in 2022. « We demand the same sensitivity in matters of public personnel in the Toledo City Council as that which has been had when negotiating the articles of the General State Budget Law in which the social sectors are considered priority sectors ”, he concluded.

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