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‘Maricoin’, the first LGTBI cryptocurrency

  • A digital currency with a focus on gender and sexual equality that has already generated a waiting list before its premiere on December 31

Currently, there are more than 3,000 different types of digital currencies in the cryptocurrency market, the best known being Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin The Litecoin. Now you have to make room for maricoin, the first global cryptocurrency that goes to the LGTBI community and that, in addition, it is Spanish. Despite being a pioneer, it has generated great interest, causing a long waiting list for all those who want to invest in this currency, to do so it is necessary to enter the following link.

Behind this idea we find the Madrid businessman Juan Belmonte, known for his chain of Juan por Dios hairdressers, who, together with his team, has explained that from December 31, it could quote and use this cryptomoney in 25 establishments ‘grayfriendly’ that are spread around the neighborhood of Chueca (Madrid), Maspalomas (Gran Canaria), Ibiza or Barcelona.

Equal rights

Maricoin was invented for all those people who “they don’t have the same rights“, as Belmonte explains in a promotional video on YouTube that already has more than 10,000 visits, since this cryptocurrency”It is going to unify us, it is going to give us power in this globalized capitalist world.“adds the businessman.

What’s more, Francisco Alvarez Cano, the CEO of maricoin declares that apart from being unique for being created by and for this group, it will also “have value as a means of payment of any transaction at the same time that it becomes a tradable asset in a exchange“.

Ongoing project

As Belmonte explains, the project has already started to work, although it is not yet trading, they already have “associations and organizations that support the LGTBI collective” in addition to “more than 20 entrepreneurs in Chueca“and they plan to create a seal” of quality, of equality, that will make all the people who use maricoin know that it is this business that is supporting gender and sexual equality“.

The creators define it as “a means of social, ethical, transparent and transversal payment”, with which if everything works they will be able to operate on the stock market from 2022, and also what is sought is that maricoin enters an even wider market. According to the promoters of the project, during the first quarter of next year, maricoin will be listed on the main exchanges of Algorand and if everything works it will continue in Binance, that is to say worldwide.

Possible future

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How the currency has adopted the model ‘altcoin‘, its value is not like that of the euro or the dollar, but rather depends on supply and demand. During the month of January, the idea is issue $ 250 million in maricoins (the sum of 50 to the value of 1 euro) and those who want to buy them must do so for the value of the moment.

More and more different social groups are seeking have your own ‘crypto’, that’s why time will mark if there is a future for maricoins. Meanwhile, in the next Gay pride It is expected that it has had acceptance and it is expected to be able to finance the parties with these cryptocurrencies.

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