Wednesday, September 28

Naturgy prepares to close the year at all-time highs

Despite the irregularities that the market has suffered throughout the year, Naturgy remains strong and consolidates its growth with a stock market revaluation of more than 59% in 2021.

For this reason, Naturgy enters directly on the list of Ibex 35 values ​​that are bullish at the end of the year together with Red Eléctrica, Enagás or CIE Automotive, among others.

During the day yesterday, the value in Naturgy shares touched 28.58 euros per intraday share, a figure with which it reached new all-time highs and with those who are willing to close the year, so its evolution and the end of the week will have to be closely monitored.

Likewise, early in the day on Monday, Naturgy overcame the medium and long-term resistances marked at 28.19 euros per share, which leaves Naturgy’s shares on the Spanish stock market to rise freely.

For their part, the stock market technical indicators are optimistic with the value and give it a total score of 8.5 points out of the 10 possible in a marked uptrend. Likewise, the trend in the medium and long term, the total moment, the growing volume in the medium term and the range of decreasing amplitude in the long term stand out as positive. The only less favorable indicators are the decreasing volume in the long term and the range of increasing amplitude in the medium term.

Strategic Plan 2021-25

Looking ahead to the next few years, Naturgy is already focusing its transformation on industrial growth aligned with the energy transition with the aim of being a first-rate operator. The current situation of escalation in the price of gas and CO2, in a company with 51% of its electricity generated with gas, creates more haste if possible in this transformation towards a more renewable generation.

Total CAPEX amounts to 14,000 million euros, of which 8,700 million euros correspond to Renewables: distributed generation, Biogas and hydrogen and sustainable mobility. And € 4.1 billion to Networks: focus on strong frameworks with proactive regulatory management, ongoing projects to achieve full automation and remote operation, and adapt existing infrastructures to play a key role in the energy transition.

Regardless of their commitments to investment of 14,000 million, Naturgy has highlighted a potential amount of 13,800 million additional investment that could be undertaken in the field of projects associated with the European Next Generation Plan.

The group’s renewable generation capacity will go from the almost 5 GW in operation, today, to the more than 14 GW planned to be operational in December 2025.

In the gas and electricity distribution business, volatility is lower and growth prospects are higher. Gas distribution accounts for 43% of Naturgy’s profit and electricity distribution 20%, so the high weight of the distribution business in its accounts dampens the effect of volatility due to regulatory changes in the electricity market.

Also the H2 GREEN is a central business in Naturgy’s strategic plan.

Forecast of results 2021-2015 according to the Strategic Plan:

  • Ordinary EBITDA will go from € 3.7 billion in 2020 to € 4.8 billion in 2025: + 5.1%.
  • The Net Result is estimated by the company for 2025 at 1,500 million euros, + 12.0% CAGR 20-25.
  • CAPEX: x1.7 to 14,000 million euros at the end of the plan.
  • Net debt of € 16.8 billion in 2025; DFN / EBITDA at 3.5v.

“We are all committed to achieving the main objectives. We want to add to the transition and we believe that this plan is ambitious, but also realistic and executable. We must seize the opportunity to contribute to the transformation of the sector with drive and solvency. Spain is strategically well positioned to deal with the transition with guarantees, for which a stable regulatory framework is vital ”, he explained Francisco Reynés, president of Naturgy.

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