Thursday, September 29

Nightlife could lose more than 600 million euros due to closings on New Year’s Eve

The nightlife club España de Noche has criticized the “improvised” actions of the communities to close or restrict the premises before the end of the year and recalls that With these measures, the sector is gambling 600 million euros.

In a statement, Spain by Night predicts a non-crowded and quiet New Year’s Eve party in the entertainment venues in front of the macro-bottles and clandestine parties and it figures the anticipated sale at 28.3% of its capacity at this time.

According to the National Federation of Leisure and Entertainment Entrepreneurs, the expansion of the sixth hello from covid has slowed down the advance sale for the end of the year (38.1% in 2019 for the same dates) and the billing forecasts for leisure venues are also lower, with an estimate 57.3% lower than the previous year.

Bars, discos and nightclubs forecast that the attendance of the public will be 55.4% compared to 2019, although the employer trusts in tracing the results with last minute reservations and the purchase of tickets at the box office.

Thus, They ask the administrations to transmit a message of tranquility to the citizens, because, “although infections are increasing, everything indicates that it is an increasingly benign disease”.

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Likewise, the employers demand that the autonomies that have restricted the activity of the sector announce, as a matter of urgency, economic support measures, among which they cite the extension of the repayment term of the ICO credits.

In addition, the central government is asked to reactivate the ERTE.

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