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Putting a 1 TB SSD in a mouse is a great idea: this is the concept of XPG with which you play and store your games

Mice have evolved rather little in recent times, and beyond offering some advanced options for gamers, their features have not changed much, but be careful, because XPG has had the idea of ​​combining a mouse with an SSD drive.

At the moment the so-called XPG Vault is a concept mouse, but of course the proposal has its charm: this mouse integrates a 1 TB SSD unit that allows, for example, to store video games and maintain a high-speed connection with the computer thanks to its USB-C cable connection.

The almost 1 GBps connection makes this mouse much more than that

The idea is one of the most interesting we have seen in recent times when it comes to reusing peripherals that we use every day: a wired mouse like this can achieve transfers of up to 985 MB / s according to XPG, something that gives a lot of leeway to transfer data to and from that internal SSD.

The proposal of this manufacturer will be presented at CES 2022. The SSD drive is controlled by an XPG software application with which according to this manufacturer “your game library will be easy to move” from one place to another.

The idea is not entirely new: there have already been those who tried to turn a mouse into a kind of pendrive does more than a decade, and a little later we even saw a mouse that was quite a miniPC.

However the advancement experienced by SSD drives makes this new XPG proposal come at a more appropriate time. We will see if the proposal becomes a reality, and we would not be surprised if other manufacturers adapted that same idea.

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