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The best Spanish stocks to start 2022

Last week we held the “Outlook 2022” event. We work with a scenario of high inflation and gradual increases in interest rates to try to control it. At a strategic level, we propose alternatives to diversify our portfolios and protect assets against the proposed scenario: alternative management funds, raw materials, purchase of volatility … At a tactical level, we seek to focus on those quality companies (healthy balance sheets with investment capacity) that belong to to sectors that have growth and can maintain margins.

Results of the filters applied to the Ibex Small Cap companies (on a green background those actions with a positive valuation from a fundamental point of view)

Throughout the week we have been taking advantage of the fundamental information updated in the outlook event to select Spanish stocks that could perform well in the environment. For this we have been applying trend technical indicators Spanish companies to detect the best opportunities today: “Five shares of the Ibex 35 for the first quarter of the year“,” Ibex Medium Cap: two bullish stocks with volume and foundation “and” Ibex Small Cap: two small companies with upward trend and positive valuation “).

Global Dominion on daily chart with amplitude range in percentage, MACD oscillator and trading volume

Global Dominion graphic analysis as of December 29, 2021

The objective is clear: to select stocks of companies that can perform well in an inflationary environment, that present attractive valuations and a good moment. Stocks should have a reliable bottom uptrend – with above-average volume and volatility under control. We bring you in this article some examples of stocks that do not give much “vertigo” because they do not present excesses and are trading close to their medium and long-term moving averages.

The first example of action selected is Global Dominion. Stocks bounced after hitting the key technical benchmark zone between the long-term bullish guideline and the 200-day SMA. The turn to the upside is supported by above-average volume and there is no overbought. In this case the share could be incorporated into the portfolio by setting a starting stop lower than the support zone 4.30 / 4.20. A first resistance zone would be found in the zone of maximums between 5,165 and 5,000.

Cellnex on daily chart with amplitude range in percentage, MACD oscillator and trading volume

Cellnex graphic analysis as of December 29, 2021

Another example of a selected title with similar characteristics is Cellnex. The stock rebounds in the short term, triggering buy signals in price oscillators that start from oversold levels and are supported by bullish divergences and above-average trading volume. It could accompany the downward turn in favor of the primary uptrend built in recent years drawn in fuchsia color and which today is trading at around 44.52 euros (reference to set stop). Above the intermediate resistance located at 54.98 euros, the price would be without significant resistance until the historical maximum established at 61.92 and there would be room to adjust the stop upwards.

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