Sunday, October 2

The hospitality industry demands that the Government extend the request for aid to the sector for six more months

The hotel management has demanded that the Government extend the application for aid from the sector for six more, since around 2,500 million euros will have to be returned by the autonomous communities as they have not been awarded in this period due to the obstacles that have been placed for their award.

“Some aid is arriving, depending on each territory, but unfortunately not all have arrived. Thus, around 2,500 million euros will have to be returned, because it has not been possible to manage due to the harsh and leonine conditions. We demand an extension of six months the amount of financing that has not arrived so that he can see the conditions of access to these aid again “, has demanded the president of Hospitality of Spain, José Luis Yzuel, in statements to the channel ’24 hours’ of Spanish Television, which collects Europa Press .

In this way, the sector faces Christmas with pessimism, where it estimates losses of about 1,500 million euros due to cancellations of reservations in restaurants in recent days. “It no longer has a solution, what has been stopped selling is not recovered and the slope of January this year is going to be an Everest,” he said.

“Unfortunately what the authorities have to say is what we are going to be compensated with, what plans do they have to compensate those who are going bankrupt and the damage they are doing to them,” he sued.

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On the other hand, Yzuel has defended the work carried out by the president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, in the negotiation of the labor reform, which will be approved this Tuesday in the Council of Ministers. “As a sector, we wanted there to be consensus and we have supported the CEOE. It is not the labor reform that we would do, but it is the one that we have managed to reach a consensus on and we show our full support for CEOE,” he stressed.

The president of the hospitality industry association has acknowledged that the hospitality sector faces a “tough, complicated and painful situation” in the face of the new limitations that certain regions are imposing in Spain to stop the sixth wave, which is devastating Spain.

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